Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spontaneous combustion of 5000 ton freighter in Dongting Lake 3 armed police

Spontaneous combustion of 5000-ton freighter in Dongting Lake, 3 armed police carried out a suspected leaking gas tank

Armed police officers evacuated flammable liquids. This pictures are network of Yueyang A junior high school student committed suicide

The morning of July 9, moored in West Dongting Lake 5000-ton cargo ship in the Gulf of a sudden spontaneous combustion. Following the discovery of dangerous situations, rapid boat Brigade of Yueyang detachment of armed police officers and soldiers to rescue, the fire was soon brought under control.

Around 9 o'clock in the morning, parked in West Dongting Lake a 5000-ton cargo ship in the Gulf of a sudden blaze, burst into flames, accompanied by bursts of smoke. Nearby boat Brigade soldiers of armed police detachment to perform tasks after seeing the Fireworks, immediately went to the blaze. Soldiers first used water cannons to fire is suppressed, planned after the fire was under control, sent a search and rescue crew aboard was trapped.

Spontaneous combustion of 5000-ton freighter in Dongting Lake, 3 armed police carried out a suspected leaking gas tank

Soldiers used water cannon fire was suppressed.

In the course of fire officers and men, who has escaped from the cabin on the ship, officers and soldiers then be properly rehoused. After the fire was brought under control, search and rescue trapped officers and men on board. In the ship's cabin, soldiers found 3 gas tanks, and smelled the acrid smell of liquefied petroleum gas. At this point, armed police officers and ship personnel is very dangerous. Faced with such a critical situation, soldiers and disregard for personal safety, use a water cannon to cool the cabin, then rushed into the cabin, gas cylinder valve closed, then 3 gas tanks carried out.

This is the ship came from Anhui, because Dongting Lake flood, temporarily parked in these waters. After the accident, due to the armed police officers of Yueyang diving, fire was quickly put out, then parked freighters were led to safety. Armed police detachment Captain boat Brigade of Yueyang Wang Yehu: "search and rescue personnel after the proportion of soldiers with fire extinguishers fire-fighting, some soldiers used water cannons to hold fire. After more than an hour of repression, the fire was brought under control. "

According to the actual situation, most likely heat-related line of spontaneous combustion caused by fire. Under the influence of high lake water levels in Dongting Lake and channel line-ban, many loaded with sand, sand-dredging ship docked as a townhouse in designated areas around Dongting Lake, in case of a fire, most likely caused a chain reaction of ship to ship. Reminds the maritime sector, Lake region now in control during the ship in China should strengthen the management of equipment maintenance and safety.

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