Saturday, November 5, 2016

Taixing six old man belly identified 22 needle of suspected for decades police

Modern Express, November 6, stomach aches, eat, vomiting, which for more than a week, ancient town, taixing 67 elderly Zhu GUI (not his real name) does not feel very well. On November 5, he can't take it anymore, give sister Jumet in Wuxi (not his real name) phoned.

More than 60 years old sister hurried, with Zhu GUI to taixing people's Hospital CT examination, found that brother's belly, there are 22 needle. Doctors found needles in Zhu GUI's belly may have hidden for decades.

Drive taixing people's Hospital General Surgery doctors, seen from the CT, needle about 5 cm in length, most attached to the abdominal wall, 3 of them part of the root in the abdominal cavity is deep. "The needle in the patient's belly may be decades. "

Dr Ching introduced because the needle too many, and some needle has together with abdominal tissue, how clear is tough. If you do not handle, needle and then shifted, once a burst blood vessel, would be life-threatening. Wutai Mountain in Shanxi 6 visitors fare at night

At present, Zhu GUI's family has been alarming, taixing police have been investigating the matter.

(Originally entitled the old old man discovered 22 needle in abdominal, doubts had existed for decades)

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