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The end of poison track the poison can last a lifetime no mandatory testing

The end of

National School of newly built runway. Journalists surging Ding Yufei

"Poison track" shadow of once again shrouded in parents minds.

Since the new term begins in September 2015, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places many kindergartens, primary schools have been caught in the runway "toxic" in turmoil. Part of the runway is not qualified, excessive levels of toluene and xylene at a primary school in Shenzhen the runway up to 20 times. Finally, some schools had to eradicate the newly paved runway.

These "poison track" how "into"? From late October to early November, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hebei survey found just behind the runway, is the material used, construction monitoring, completion detection throughout the numerous loopholes in the chain: adding toxic solvents, no barriers to entry, supervising the construction of "prison without reason", mandatory testing for free ... ...

In fact, even if qualified runway, nor does it mean security. An industry expert who declined to be named said the existing standard does not specify the limit value, but poor vendor violations add some toxic substances, testing institution according to GB no detection.

The runway is short, concerns is the health of millions of students. How to close a loophole, and security of the campus, the conscience of this test involved, more required related departments to take responsibility.

The aforementioned experts urge, urgent problem is that perfecting the national standard, "to complement various argument as soon as possible." In addition, the management bid to full participation of the departments of housing, controlling "low bid" problems, "and ends up the source before it is too late, too late".

A few days ago, the Ministry of education has responded to community concerns, the Medical Arts Division Director Liao Wenke commitments, the next step will coordinate relevant departments of the State and improve corresponding standards, coordinate relevant regulatory agencies to improve supervision of the production process of the plastic track, responsible for the toxic sports facilities increase the intensity of investigation ... ...

The end of

A plastic track domestic production enterprises abroad paved runway scene. Respondents images

"Poison track" storm

After the fall semester this year, primary school attached to Beijing Normal University, Shenzhen, China (hereinafter referred to as Namsan school) suffered a "poison track" crisis.

News the surging number of lower-class parents tell, they and the neighborhood kids come nose, stomach pain, vomiting, cough. Parents ' spontaneous statistics, class one, grade one half of the students had experienced nosebleeds, "there was never before flowed."

Zhong Li's daughter is often brought other parents, "her children most severely affected, the respiratory system is out of the question."

"Our family (daughter) itself is sensitive, and prone to allergies, reactions will be relatively large. "Zhong Li recalled in September at home to see for the first time when daughter Brooke nosebleed," I questioned whether she is to pull the nose up, she was still a bit wrong to say no. "In late October, the small Kei once again a nosebleed, Zhong Li, said:" I do my homework sitting next to her, all of a sudden nosebleed came. "

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi also had a serious allergy, "whole body covered with large red envelopes", painted in alternate carminative oil also had disappeared. "Although used to have allergies, but never as serious as this. "Zhong Li said her scratching like a monkey," breathing getting heavier, like a sore throat a lot of phlegm, face flushed. "

Analysis after the pediatrician appointment, little Qi due to severe allergy causing swelling within the throat, oppression of the trachea and breathing problems, but asked after the investigation found no small Kei allergens.

"Most think their children are what's wrong with my body. "Zhong Li then see Jiangsu appearing in the news" poison track ", and learned that many children in the school in the neighborhood dizziness nausea, nosebleeds, measles and other symptoms," we will for this? School also renovated the runway. "

Since September, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other parents, and Zhong Li suffered similar problems. Panicked parents suspected of targeting the school renovation or a new plastic track, think adding volatile toxic substances into the air and hurt the children.

In early November, American Lotus, Futian, Shenzhen Nanshan primary school and primary school, runway samples been detected excessive levels of toluene and xylene. Among them, the Nanshan primary school is located in the shade of the runway samples detected value exceeds the standard limit value 5 times, Mei Lin primary school runway samples exceeded 20 times.

Plastic track had participated in the drafting of national standards, General Manager of Guangzhou da Yang yuanheng chemical surging news interview Shi Jianhua said: "dizziness, nausea, coughing, probably were caused by toluene and xylene, this solution must be resolutely banned added, should be included in the tender documents. "

The end of

A plastic track domestic production enterprises abroad paved runway scene. Respondents images

Poison where they come from

Plastic track is actually "more than 10 20" material combination of polyurethane products, divided into air, hybrid species. In addition, there is also a prefabrication type rubber runway, paving in coil form, unlike polyurethane plastic runway construction of on-site pouring way.

Shi Jianhua introduced polyurethane is most needed a, b two sets of different chemicals react according to a certain proportion, resulting in an elastic material. In both materials in the process, sometimes adding some solvent to adjust effects. , Xylene and toluene as an organic solvent with dilute and extend the curing speed function.

"Such as curing agent is toluene diisocyanate (TDI), polyurethane, cannot mature without catalyst, is always sticky (not curing)" catalyst added in excess, leads to soluble heavy metals exceeded polyurethane products.

Shi Jianhua said that the runway construction at present are hand-laid, has not yet formed a mechanized operations, in the case of the weather is very hot, if you add the solvent toluene, xylene, can adjust the curing speed of the material, "such as a few hours after curing", ease of construction.

Site equipment, Deputy Director of the Chinese track and field Association, Baoding great wall rubber company limited (hereinafter referred to as the great wall rubber company) General Manager Wang Xianwen surging to the news, because the price expensive, plastic track and another filled in inorganic materials-the black rubber granules can be cheaper, "after adding toluene and xylene, black pellet ratio can reach becomes prohibitive, but normal levels should be less than 30%."

Shi Jianhua and Wang Xianwen opposed adding toluene and xylene in the runway. "I came out from the site, toluene and xylene using what I know very well, on site adapted to the adult receptive, but immature child suddenly completely accept the smell, can not stand, there will be a reaction. "Said Shi Jianhua, hybrid runway to join m-xylene, not volatile for a long time," with racetrack life. "

According to the Shenzhen Shekou Izvestia newspaper reported on November 9, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Professor Fu Xianzhu served as members of the test group, field survey and Mei Lin primary school of toluene and p-xylene over 20 times the runway, "clearly feel eye and throat irritation."

Except toluene, and xylene zhiwai, "some place may also with days that water (also said banana water, main components for xylene), and gasoline (containing must volume of aromatic hydrocarbon) do diluted agent", Shi Jianhua said, days that water more added in paint in the, "brush have thin, soon on volatile has", but plastic runway thickness in 10MM around, volatile speed slow, "full field that smell stand of, not times Yu toluene, and xylene".

The end of

Plastic track components indicate the risk profile journalists surging Long Hui mapping

Supervision of ALTs and goes through the motions

News visit the surging participation standard GB/T14833-2011 synthetic material plastic runway runway surface of a number of enterprises found that the plastic track focused on problems, has not exceeded industry expectations.

"These years confuse the quality of bidding and construction, is a starting line, good products can't compete with poor product price – poor run amok, well into the corner, over time, both good and bad. "The number of runway head of manufacturers expressed a similar view.

Surging News learned that schools built or renovated runway, in addition to the school outside the self built, generally by the schools Department of education project application to the national development and Reform Commission, project through the last occupancy building sector Center open tender bidding, the winning contractor and supervisor subsequently produced.

Since 2001, the Ministry of construction (Ministry of housing) release sports facilities construction projects contracted out three levels of qualification, the runway project contracted by the professional qualification requirements construction.

People in one of the plastic industry, with profits of the market is getting better, companies were also involved in tendering and bidding qualification competition, "they don't know anything about runway, subcontract bid", other manufacturers and construction team, "95% of the manufacturers do not have their own construction teams."

Plastic track complex process, the construction team is accurate in accordance with the formula provided by the manufacturer for the construction was finished the runway can be an important factor in compliance with national standards. Is responsible for the supervision of construction control unit, but is generally considered "unprofessional".

This year October, national sports standardization technology Committee facilities equipment points Technology Committee Secretary-General Liu Haipeng in accept China Education reported interview Shi also said, China currently also no professional of sports facilities engineering supervision units, "many supervision engineers on this knew nothing", lack sports site basic common sense, and related expertise, engineering basic completely rely on construction team, "supervision is motions, caused prison and not acting".

One has ten years plastic runway project enrollment bid experience of enterprise head told surging news, construction company compared plastic runway production manufacturers more with bid advantage, former itself undertake project volume more and big, "a began credit points will high 2 points", and construction company points package again find manufacturers reduced products quality compression cost, "they of engineering quotes on more low, more easy bid".

"Package for construction companies will come to us, but after reading the quote said was too high, and co-operation. "Guangzhou yuanheng Chemical Co said Shi Jianhua, General Manager of the ocean.

Said Liu Haipeng, qualifying mixed type plastic track average about 200 yuan per square meter, even higher quality to pay 250 Yuan, porous (breathable) about 150 Yuan, prefabrication type rubber runway not less than 380 Yuan, "below this quote certainly is not qualified."

But more bit manufacturers head on surging News said, more than 10 years past, raw materials, and artificial fee, and hydropower fee, cost are rose has, plastic runway of price is in declined, "Shang century 90 generation to 2005, we of price in 220-240 Yuan Zhijian", "now market Shang mixed type low to 150 Yuan, breathable type seventy or eighty Yuan on can Pu, this price even raw materials cost are enough--impossible has good products out".

Liu Haipeng introduced in recent years, was released nearly 3,000 nationwide raw material suppliers, who have no qualifications, no technology, no guarantee of production management and quality of small workshops, manufacturing cost is very low, but its original production material market 50% a year or more.

Shi Jianhua believes that small manufacturers can squeeze the market, but the key to meet the standard, "we are not afraid of competition, not standards at all strict involving future generations, as manufacturers should exercise self-discipline, or don't do."

Surging news found in early 2015, Housing Ministry canceled the sports facilities Project Professional contracting qualification. In 2013, a copy of the request for the Department of housing "construction Enterprise qualification standards framework" (draft for soliciting opinions) has explained that the cancellation of sports facilities, did not involve construction of quality and safety, strengthening management through industry self-regulation, allowing freedom of choice.

The end of

Breathable polyurethane plastic runway samples. Journalists surging Ding Yufei

Schools unable to check

Construction links all disorder, use as a runway-the schools generally do nothing.

Educational system stakeholders were surveyed said, relevant qualifications are based on provisions of the Contracting Parties by the tendering Department audit, on-site construction supervision role into full play, "like we where able to identify its qualification", and even principals say, "we are just construction services."

Contrasts with the school is that the Olympics plastic runway checks process.

Great Wall rubber companies participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games site laying 5 Library project, company General Manager Wang Xianwen introduces Olympic venues such as the runway used raw materials, processes and general schools, without discrimination, "but in the bidding, qualification of suppliers selection and acceptance checks more stringent."

The head of the Sales Department of the company Wang Wei memory in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center (Beijing Branch) prior to the bid opening, Shenyang Olympic Organizing Committee has made a field trip through bid 4 companies in the first instance, "to company strength, laying performance, raw materials production, laying a lot of details".

In fact, runway samples detected toluene and p-xylene over 5 times in Shenzhen, Nanshan primary school, have made similar attempts.

A teacher told the school responsible for infrastructural projects surging news, school grounds project planned paved on-site pouring polyurethane plastic runway, "we think this material does not rest assured that stop installation of electronic screens to apply to the national development and Reform Commission and other projects, the original runway of more than 100 yuan per square meter, replace offers more than 400 Yuan per square meter of prefabrication type rubber runway."

The unwilling to named of teacher said, "we impossible to raw materials production manufacturers see, even to has also see not out", only through horizontal compared, to has laying this species runway of school site view, and asked principal using situation, "nothing reaction, we on think is good of, including after I also call asked they, Pu finished this students have does not apply of reaction, school and parents also are said no".

Why Shenzhen Nanshan primary school attached to the plastic track was still a problem? Shenzhen Academy of metrology and quality inspection in charge of testing experts, Nanshan primary school test results exceed not runway material in itself failed, but volatile time for adhesives, needed further ventilation to evaporate.

Surging news also notes that the current adverse reactions of students to school, there are edge teaching construction, problems or runway space has just commenced construction shortly.

Educational system in Jiangsu Province, an official who declined to be named said the plastic track laid to extend the duration of construction after school, because on the one hand "in the province, gave the task to be completed this year", on the other hand the construction delay would incur losses, if weekend laid on Monday still stinks, "shop or not to shop? "

The "poison track" storm broke out, and many had originally planned to spend her summer holidays the school project is built, refurbished school was an awkward.

Surging news found that as early as 2003, school runway into a "toxic" controversy, focus on runway used by toluene diisocyanate (TDI) polyurethane materials. Shi Jianhua said then that round of controversy since Beijing school students adverse, "was poor quality manufacturers to make products".

The end of

Prefabrication type rubber runway samples. Journalists surging Ding Yufei

Perfect GB should be amended as soon as possible

Worth noting is that plastic track national standards established by the 1993 GB/T14833-1993 of the runway, in 2011 was revised to GB/T14833-2011 of the runway surface of synthetic materials, and for the first time increases a product's environmental performance requirements and testing methods, it is still recommended standards.

Developed with the participation of the runway surface of synthetic material introduced Shi Jianhua, "recommended standard is to be at least in accordance with the standards of production, but can be higher than the national standard of enterprise standard."

But, has national detection qualification, and scribe belongs to Shenzhen measurement quality detection Institute (Xia said Shenzhen measurement hospital) of national sports supplies quality supervision Test Center (Guangdong) (Xia said Shenzhen country check Center) engineer Li Dasheng told surging news, currently national on plastic runway detection not do forced provides, "whether to detection by delegate party to set, General is school or construction units", and are for paid detection. Principal based on the detection of project funding in the budget, voluntary selection test. But the seized items consistent with national standards, does not mean that does not detect other projects are in line with national standards.

State inspection center in Shenzhen in April 2014 is mandated by AQSIQ, is the second national sporting goods testing agency.

Shenzhen Metrology Institute the Institute of building materials and household goods testing Assistant Wu Haitao said starting in 2013 to accept plastic track since testing commissioned until 2015, plastic track "accident" before, the Centre received a test runway principal chemical properties, "usually when something (to detect), and parents with the school or with a contractor samples sent over."

Li Dasheng introduced runway testing compared to the conventional chemical properties physical properties testing fees are more expensive, but did not disclose the specific charges, "all testing fees are not the same, different."

For runway construction will add GB limit values of toxic substances, as well as how to detect problems, Wu Haitao said, "as a quality institution, we are testing according to the standard, we can do nothing other than".

The aforementioned unnamed chemical industry expert suggested that for some materials not provided limits problems, existing national research, evaluation complete as soon as possible, to increase the attachment of the form to supplement the standard on the market to respond in a timely manner, "to modify the standard for two years, but the matter is urgent, there is no way to control the bad manufacturers ' abuse ' problem".

"It's not enough, housing sectors to participate as members in the drafting, in the bidding process to really go in. "The experts said, existing runway at the plastic of the Housing Department is responsible for the bidding process, low price issues, and judges have little chemical expert of the project," is the Director of the Sports Department of the University, infrastructure Director, and they do not understand. " Hebei teachers petition was convicted of extortion

Jiangsu and Guangdong in the face of "poison track" after the incident, has begun construction of a runway for a full investigation.

Said education officials in Jiangsu Province, the provincial alert after check in the primary education sector, should pay attention to relations between construction and teaching, and to put an end to the use of toluene, xylene, prevent construction units to the construction site.

Shen Weimin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal quality supervision Bureau, said at a news conference, would be the Deputy agent of the runway touch issues added, aimed at affecting the environment may be introduced in the construction of the runway safety risk factors, exploring a set of community standards, "complement indicators of toxic and harmful substances and detection methods standards."

In addition, the national technical Committee of standardization of physical facilities and equipment Technical Committee Secretary-General Liu Haipeng also pointed out that after the runway pavement, for impacts on air quality and air quality requirements over the runway, relevant national standards are currently blank.

(For the protection of individual privacy, part names as aliases. Interns Zhuang Yayu, Zhang Bei contributed to this article)

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