Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chengdu a car when police find violations on the run after the collision caused

On January 24, the online out of a black car rammed the crowd, dressed in police uniforms who chased after the video. At noon that day, first branch staff of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau traffic surging to news (www.thepaper.CN), confirmed that the event (on January 23) is being processed.

NET exposure of two videos showing, black car on the curbside turn around in a hurry, knocked down to the traffic safety cone of the car, wearing a police uniform, brought traffic safety cone hit the right side of the car window. The car is not docked, after the step on the gas, collision, crushing pedestrians rushed into the distance, behind the two men dressed in police uniforms.

Another surveillance video, taken on January 23 to 15:59. The video shows, after a car knocked down four or five people and knocked down an electric buggy and move, too late to dodge the pedestrian fell down.

Surging witness little Liu told the news when she saw a black hatchback into a roadside bike lane, k running normal, is not reversed. Then, as if the car were also found in the wrong way, was ready to quit due to too heavy no retreat, has been in the bike lane moving very slowly forward. Suddenly, the front of a policeman, ready, stopped the car, the car perished, sudden acceleration in reverse, all the way down to door shuangnan Ito and retrograde rushed at the crowd, "back is just like you see in the video. "

Small Liu said after she heard the car knocked down 4 persons, two of whom were seriously injured, "I see is electric cars flying and people directly, and then rolled up, Super scary. "

However, witnesses described in detail at present has not yet been officially confirmed. Surging Pai news contact NHTSA outreach section, Chengdu city, telephone went unanswered.

January 24 14 o'clock Xu, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau informed said, January 23 16 o'clock Xu, Chengdu police a branch police in II loop West a (double Nan Iraq vine Mall next) are prepared corrected a car violations Park of black BYD car Shi, the vehicles suddenly reversing, in sidewalk next turn and along non-motor vehicle road reverse driving escape, caused 4 name passers-by injured (3 people soft tissue contusion, 1 people fracture). Subsequently, the retaining buckle Dragon road vehicles seized by the police, accident suspect has fled. At present, the police have been targeting suspects, is in full swing in the investigation of the case.

It is worth mentioning that, on January 24, is also circulating a video online, it is surrounded by seven or eight plainclothes policemen toting a black BYD car, put a gun to the driver from the car. But according to news about the surging, wuhou district, Chengdu city, this was the afternoon of January 21 plainclothes police in cases of car theft suspect arrested on video, and not related to the incident. Chongqing an 8 year old girl ill die donating

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