Thursday, January 14, 2016

Shandong traffic police net exposure to trace illegal cars into the facility

Recently, netizens revealed: zone, binzhou city, Shandong province, the North Sea (Note: economic development zone, North Sea) Wei Qiao factory (Note: a factory in Shandong weiqiao pioneering group), guards beat a traffic COP, caused by traffic police seized a vehicle are tone cart driver fled into the factory, Police Chase, chased out by security.

Fact also issued a video showing on a road in front of the plant, two cars with flashing lights were 6 cars, vans containment, dozens of people gathered on site; a suspected traffic police officer being chased by many hundreds of meters, until it is won. However, as video footage is far, whether physical conflicts cannot be seen. Jurists on the Nanning police warnings to people

Dispensing videos as well as local netizens said, on January 10, police investigated an unlisted large lorry, which drove into the North Sea area weiqiao factory; search vehicles during traffic police had a dispute with the head of the plant, was the factory's more than security beat.

Afterwards, a surging local sources tell News (www.thepaper.CN), traffic police in the area of law enforcement to obtain evidence, by plant men seizing evidence equipment, but the two sides did not fight. However, this claim has yet to be confirmed by the industrial and traffic Police Department.

On January 13, the Shandong weiqiao pioneering group General Manager, Ministry of external relations are surging news that, "security police" were not.

14th district propaganda Department staff will refer the matter to the North Sea North Sea economic development zone Police Brigade, a police brigade staff member confirmed that the security clashed with police, but said the misunderstanding, the two sides didn't do. For specific details, the personnel were not disclosed.

Surging North Sea area, binzhou City Public Security Bureau branch staff to the news that its grasp after the incident police and the factory had no alarm.

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