Monday, April 18, 2016

Drug addicts is only good for your figure 18 year old school girl Hunan Hengyang

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau at the Hengyang public security propaganda classroom was informed that on April 18, in Hengyang, Hunan Hengyang railway station by the Railway Police Department police seized a 18 year old girl in high-speed rail entrance NIE k powder 0.49 grams. Nie Mou said smoking k powder in order to lose weight. Harbin sky high priced fish that customer my boss

According to the railway police confirmed that NIE as Guangdong Institute of dance, a dance student, going from Hengyang, Hunan East Rail to Sha. Nie Mou at the entrance to see police flustered, the civilian police to check their luggage found k powder. Nie Mou explain why you carry and abused drug, "smoking k powder can quickly lose weight."

Hengyang railway station police introduced Nie Mou is a Institute of dance, a dance student in Guangdong Province. During her school years, in order to make more money, NIE uses her time off to dance bars, discos and other entertainment venues.

Nie Mou admitted his fair-skinned, Gabriel, though, the pursuit of perfection of her slightly plump figure yourself dissatisfied. After the show, NIE and a bar my friends upset. Friends told her that smoking k powder can lose weight fast, and says a small amount of smoke, will not affect the body. NIE is a temptation and began trying to take drugs in order to lose weight, the pursuit of a perfect body, but to rely on drugs. Last year, the NIE had drug by the public security department in administrative detention.

At present, the NIE is one of their own illegal acts confessed.

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