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Video Xian terracotta attractions like black driver to talk to village

These days, an article titled is a fun city, XI ' an, of the network of sites and the cheats are very exciting post becomes famous online, Zhi Dou cheats by tourists, travel chaos to the cusp of Lintong, visitors to Xian travel chaos is behind the fun of ridiculed and laughed at! As in Lintong, this tourist destination of Huaqing hot spring, terracotta warriors and other famous attractions, what turmoil? News Knews correspondent experience.

Black driver: confused distance to lure tourists to be fooled

Two o'clock in the afternoon, Knews reporters sitting on the bus 915 to Lintong. Approaching the new year, not many tourists to terracotta warriors and horses, few cars in the road to the Terra Cotta Warriors. Reporter in Terra-Cotta Warriors station got off Hou, prepared to Terra-Cotta Warriors Shi, one small guy enthusiasm of welcome up, asked reporter whether is to Terra-Cotta Warriors, dang learned that reporter not know road Shi, he on reporter said, he is driver, Terra-Cotta Warriors away from here also has is far, "you sat pass has, this is to to daiwangzhen of bus, 10 block money, 10 block money directly to you sent past, 4.5 km road does. "

Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions

Knews journalists wonder if he was pointing to the Terra-Cotta Warriors and the surrounding traffic diagram, pointing to the southernmost says, this is where the reporter, is at the bottom, Terra cotta is halfway up, with great shopping areas to cross in the Middle, he could lose some money, huanling road around a circle over journalists. In reality, 800 meters from here, is the Terra-Cotta Warriors ticket of the scenic area.

Black driver said: "you now in this, Terra-Cotta Warriors in that direction, we to from here around up does, several Museum, altogether is three a Museum, you on see a first, Museum, first, Museum is most interesting of integrated Museum, because we not pour votes of, you is himself tickets himself visit, we on earned a fare, I on to you sent to ticket office door. "

News Knews correspondent to follow this guy Hang Shan A1R017 came to the roadside stop a black Santana sedan, press bus, black car drivers start the vehicle, to sail to the West, through the back window, Knews correspondent saw the road a blue sign stands in the East, clearly written above the terracotta, with fast moving vehicles, poles apart from journalism and real warriors. Travel approximately four miles to the West, cars turn South into a trail, clearly this is a Township Road, after about 500 m, came to a parking lot, here is the driver of the so-called terracotta-the origin of Qin Emperor's Tomb.

Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions

See the news journalist Knews to see, not three tour buses were parked in the square, there are eight private cars, the driver said, these cars are "shuttle bus" to lost tourists "navigation".

Black car drivers also told reporters: "one will come forward to present their tickets, see, in this car, it will take you back to the bus station in XI ' an, rode back to Xian, where to buy tickets. "

Under the guidance of the driver, Knews journalists came to the origin of the Qin mausoleum 3A attractions hanging signs to the ticket office, taped to the ticket office at the top of the glass high season 120 Yuan, off-season 98 publication, Knews reporter when asked if it's Terracotta first when ticketing officers here say, this is not the terracotta Hall first.

Then, watch the news Knews correspondent on the "wrong" when looking for a black driver asked, he seemed to panic, to explain himself said, to see the Museum, and in the past to add ten Yuan.

Black driver said: "this is the Qin Emperor's Tomb, to see what you see? You want to see the Museum and I'll pull you to the Museum. "

Knews news reporters: "here is the Museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors, first you say? "

Driver: "this is the first Museum, if you want to see the Museum, less than two kilometers from here is the Museum, Museum exhibits, on display. "

News Knews correspondent: "the Museum and the Qin Emperor's Tomb there is nothing? "

Driver: "this is the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum, to worship the Emperor, after watching, this is the Emperor's Palace, underground Palace, underground tomb. "

Black drivers in the confusion after the sophistry, and quickly changed the subject, urging reporters that now it was too late, then go to another House too late, this museum is very good, get tickets, inside look at 1.5 hours. Egged on by the driver, look at the news journalist Knews bought a 98 tour ticket, after reporters after buying the ticket, black drivers face "accompanying" reporter went to the ticket says, here he sits up and dragged them to the station. Less than 100 metres away from the wicket door, here is the regular bus route 914 of the stops.

Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions

Origin of Qin Emperor's Tomb: a history of excessive deduction

Knews news reporters into the Qin mausoleum Palace Exhibition Hall, see is only a 800-square-meter pit "first", simple wood railings across the pit, a median pit with more than 10 generic sparse terracotta warriors and horses, several pottery horses, color yellow, rough texture. Subsequently, the Knews reporter into a dark tunnel, rail car ride, experience the so-called restore history, interpretation of the underground mausoleum of the world laser "amazing" trip.

Track pulled into the dark passageway, craftsman of the tomb of the eerie screams of death, resounds around from time to time, lying on the ground the bones model, weird weapon came from time to time in the shuttle, the Qin General Meng Tian raised, holding a sword similar to the game, commanding Qin dynasty soldiers staged and two serpent of fire-breathing sprays, rushing. Wrote in fictions and the myths and legends of these scenarios, were used here, scare visitors from time to time, there was a scream.

After 20 minutes, cross the ends. Some visitors to staff members puzzled asked Emperor's Palace is this? Staff answer, probably yes, this is after deduction of, what they did not know the underground Palace. Subsequently, staff journalists and tourists continue to visit, explaining the content is mostly how to dig underground Palace, how to build things. Reporters turned in a circle, find here everything is imitation, when reporters asked about ever really terracotta, unearthed what cultural artifacts, staff explained that there is no a real heritage, and is a great place for travelers to learn about the basic situation of the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum.

In a gallery wall, also houses the Qin Hanfei to Qin Shihuang's ancient Qin Gong tablet, tablet with incense burner before, offering incense, an eight year old small tourist bows to worship. Officials said this is the ancestral, ancestors of the blessed. See the news journalist Knews to see, has merit before the table box, there is a lot of money.

From the origin of the Qin mausoleum and see news Knews journalists access to information, tracing the Qin Emperor's tomb was opened only last year, Xian Qi Yang tourism development co code of the business, tourism projects, information impossible to find on the other. Real warriors are only two kilometers away, and the true Emperor Qin Shihuang's mausoleum is located in the Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, on the West side is four kilometers away from here. Xinyang Henan River treatment project trader lost

Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions

Two visiting foreign tourists said they were "black" flickers here, also don't know where real warriors are spent 98 this is worth, are man-made landscape, feeling cheated, don't even know what a Terra-Cotta Warriors really look like. Visitor said, "came from the Huaqing hot spring, Huaqing hot spring private cars. "The reporter asked:" when you come to? "Guests:" when five. "

In a review site, reporters see consumer reviews about origin of Qin Emperor's Tomb, says black pull over the rough spots of the deceived and see experiences.

Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions Video | Xian terracotta attractions like: black driver to talk to village attractions

914 bus bus stop, drivers know here that journalists encounter, lamented, "you cheated!" The mausoleum was built only last year, black drivers cheat tourists, is because the origin of Qin Emperor's Tomb and black drivers share revenue. The bus driver said, "do you see that? Grace. They pull you into their kickback. Driver to bring you a kickback. 915 to back door of Qin Shihuang terracotta warriors and horses, real warriors ticket office is about 1.5 km "

Sitting on the bus, through the window, dissolves the dimming of the Lishan mountain in the distance in the sky, before reporters remember Terra-Cotta Warriors, a formal travel guide on my advice, be careful black car, "don't let anyone pull you away, private cars had better not sit, sit on the gullible, 914,915,306,307. "(Formerly titled news Knews correspondent witnessed: terracotta attractions of chaos)

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