Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bazhong village feast 30 people have died of food poisoning mistook sodium nitrite

Bazhong village feast 30 people have died of food poisoning: mistook sodium nitrite as salt vegetable soup

On December 18, in Sichuan province's bazhong Prefecture hospital, medical staff for suspected food poisoning workers for treatment. Xinhua Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness

Beijing, December 22 reported, day afternoon, Pakistan municipal government news do on bazhou district gold Tablet Xiang Temple Wu village villagers food poisoning event held third times press conference: December 18,, bazhong city, 30 people suspected food poisoning event reasons determine, according to epidemic learn survey, and laboratory detection results and provinces experts conferences, this event for "gold Tablet Xiang Temple Wu village four social Lu Fei home held funeral banquet caused of Asia nitrate food poisoning event".

On December 18, 9:40, village of bazhou district, bazhong city Wu Jin bei Xiang Temple 4 at home in Lu Fei as his uncle Lu Baode attends funeral, suspected food poisoning incident, 30 people were poisoned, killed 2 people. After the incident, the CDC identified, bazhong city, earlier in the day had 31 people respectively eating cabbage soup, rice, watercress, pickled radish, only 1 person a handful of watercress and rice has not developed symptoms. Based on the samples collected for testing, in which the kitchen surface sampling of bulk salt samples of the incident, Chinese cabbage and tofu soup samples, two patients vomit with naphthyl ethylene diamine hydrochloride Spectrophotometric detection, detect high concentrations of nitrite.

The investigation, in May 2016, bazhou district Zhang Meiqi and other partnerships that barbecue, Chef Luo Hanbo asked Zheng Hua from Chengdu five comprehensive markets "Li Shaopeng dry grocery store" purchasing "crystals of sodium nitrite" a pack, about 1 kilograms, meat processing color. On December 2, the barbecue business, Zhang Meiqi barbecue all items shipped back to its gold together with Lu Fei Miao Wu Cun bei Xiang contracted management of pepper stored in hospital management. The morning of December 18, Du Xiuhua and do the cooking for Lu Baode funeral breakfast by villagers, mistaking the white crystals (crystals of sodium nitrite) as a seasoned salt into the soup of cabbage and tofu, leading to help relatives of the funeral, villagers poisoning after 30 people.

It is reported that as of December 22, at 11 o'clock in the morning, which hospitalized 28 people, 1 with celebrities from the ICU (ICU) transferred to the general ward Ward, 2 relatively heavy patient is out of danger, 28 patients had 12 people out of hospital. (Formerly entitled China and 30 food poisoning: villagers mistook sodium nitrite as salt vegetable soup)

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