Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hebei take pump disputes a trained school teacher and wounding 12 the girl was

Hebei take pump disputes a trained school teacher and wounding 12, the girl, was fired

Xiao XI the scars on the face. Video screenshot

By the use of pumps produced in dispute, 12 years old girl Xiao-XI by liwen training school of xingtai, Hebei teachers face, digging his face, pulling his hair caused by facial injuries.

On December 17, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the propaganda Office is aware of the qiaodong district authority, qiaodong District Education Bureau has ordered the training schools will be involved teachers fired, and the school district notice of criticism.

17th, Netizen "lollipop-123" said in a posting on the Web site, on their children-XI in xingtai liwen education classes, December 11 at 8 o'clock in the evening the child cried the call was played by the teacher and children back home, families found children face being scratched.

Netizen "lollipop-123" certificate provided to the surging news shows, first affiliated hospital of Medical College on December 12 in xingtai city Xiao-XI "soft tissue injuries" diagnosis.

According to Hebei broadcast television economic life channel 14th reported, December 11, 12 age of girls small XI to, xingtai city, liwen education training school high teacher take pump, for pump sagging drag to ground, was teacher caught face, and dug face, and pulled hair; with in the institutions learning of small XI cousin told Reporter: "saw I sister face Shang are is blood, scare have leg are soft has. "

Reports, school principals responded that the GAO "came into this little" mistake and regretted very much when parents demanding teachers when they meet, the President said, "find a talk well, don't tell me directly." It was reported that high teacher as the principal's wife.

17th late, qiaodong District Board propaganda through official micro-Bo @ xingtai East released informed said, for, xingtai city, liwen education training school for teacher and students in using pump process in the produced disputes, teacher behavior radical, wounded students a thing, ordered, xingtai city, liwen education training school immediately dismissed involved thing teacher, while give the school full district informed criticism, and requirements the school for reorganization, strengthening on teachers ethics Division wind education, put an end to this class things again occurred. Ziyang wubaohu apply for a subsidy was forced

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