Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Man to raise gambling money 35 000 sold over 1 and half years old boy successfully

Yiling district Yichang city in Hubei Province, a 27 year old man, he goes to (a pseudonym), addicted to gambling, have destroyed two marriages, two to three years old, one and half year old son, by its care of elderly parents. In recent days, he goes to raise gambling money, was a year and a half younger son sold to Xiangyang, in Exchange for 35000 Yuan.

Early on December 8, a old man surnamed Liu came to the Public Security Bureau police, said he was not the son of a year and a half. Said the old man, 27 years old, he goes to his son, had been divorced twice, two ex-wives gave birth to a son, three years older, smaller one and a half years. Under the divorce agreement, two children raised by Liu Jie and Liu Jie, long addicted to gambling, usually are he and his wife raised.

On November 14 this year, Liu said, "take the children to the mother" younger son Mao Mao (a pseudonym) away. Half a month later, Mao Mao's mother, said she wanted to see his son. The couple knew, son Liu Mao Mao was not brought to his mother. They asked Liu, but Liu Haw not know.

After receiving the police, Liu Jie of the police summoned to the police station, after holding, Liu Jie said: "Mao Mao was sold to the field. "

Civilian police by surprise. They later learned that, he goes to a good economic conditions, after the demolition, they got a demolition. Liu Jie, married, parents bought more than 200,000 cars and soon was selling, gambling by Liu Jie lost, divorced wife with him; he goes later remarried, but bad habits die hard, six months lost more than 100,000. In October, a soft metal into steel and his second wife divorced, he goes to.

No sources of Jie Liu, came up to sell the idea, he searches on the Internet information related to adoptions, contacted the five "customer", and eventually chose the nanzhang Xiangyang city family. He goes to offer 50,000, by bargaining, selling prices will ultimately be 35000 Yuan.

On November 14, Liu Jie, from Grandpa and Grandma hair side out, went straight to the train station, and the middleman, Wang had waited for this meeting. Wang was transferred to Liu Jie, 35000, took the hairs away.

Understand the case, police immediately of yiling, and Xiangyang police contact request support, and rushed to a local rescue. Nanzhang County Public Security Bureau after receiving the requests for assistance, the Council attached great importance to, and Political Commissar Wang immediately give directions "for global efforts to rescue children who are sold." The night of December 8, civilian police arrive in nanzhang County in yiling, and nanchangosaurus police overnight to discuss the merits and development of rescue programme. After thoroughly troubleshoot, finally being sold down in nanzhang town children.

On December 9, "broker", Wang was arrested and questioned for police, rushed to the children were sold to the edge of town. Nanchangosaurus police come and do legal education, bought a child's family quickly realized the seriousness of the problem, together with the police to bring children to the police station.

After 3 hours, when the police arrived in this mountain town near the jingmen, happily playing maomao is the police station. Police took turns holding the hair, go back to Yi. Around 6 o'clock in the evening, police cars into public Security Bureau criminal investigation of a squadron of yiling, Mao Mao's grandparents and mother gleefully stepped forward to greet.

At present, Liu has been detained personnel also in the further investigation and treatment. To sell his own son, Liu Jie said, he is good for the child. "Parents need to bring two children, carry a heavy burden, children to a relatively better conditions of families, will be happier. "Liu acknowledged that if the youngest son succeeds to sell, he intends to sell his son.

Reporters learned that Liu sold his younger son in Exchange for 35000 Yuan, he had gambled away in just half a month. National Day Golden Week 18 holiday from 28 million

(Originally entitled the men sold 35,000 yuan 1 and half years old son, succeeded to sell older son)

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