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Died 13 days after sophomore boys overall responsibility for the forensic hospital

Died 13 days after sophomore boys: overall responsibility for the forensic hospital, the hospital does not endorse

Dead boys life photos

New culture newspaper reported on December 10, 1.85 meters tall and weighs 100 kg. Changchun, a sophomore at volume (a pseudonym) in the minds of the students is a "strong as a calf" boy. On September 2, the volume in Hongqi Street, Kowloon, near Changchun, Changchun City Urology hospital circumcision and penis lengthening surgery. A few days after surgery, he developed symptoms of fever, nausea and other symptoms. After 12 days, September 14 there had a high fever, chills, and worse. On that day to a nearby hospital for treatment, after checking, he suffered from severe pneumonia, septic shock, multiple organ failure, and so on. 17:40 September 15, died.

MOM and boy

"My son is 20 years old"

Bao Shan Xiang jufeng, Gannan village in Heilongjiang province, 43, she has been in pain for several months. "My son is only 20 years old, I was just a child, usually even a cold, it is rare. "She complained to reporters said.

On September 3, was busy at home chores she received a call from his son. "My baby daddy of femoral head necrosis, all had on my own money. "She said, to her son for money, said is in Changchun Kowloon Urology hospital for a circumcision, not enough money. "I remember just the other day he got more than 10,000 yuan. "Lin recalled, she wondered, what surgery needed so much money!

But finishing women worry more about their children's postoperative recovery. 4th, at 10 o'clock in the evening, she arrived in Changchun, in school to see his son. "He said it hurts a bit. "At school, she saw his son does not look so good. "At this time he also did not say or do penis surgery. "Is the woman in the forest children's medical records found. "I asked him, why do you want to do that kind of surgery. "She said, shyly said, visits a doctor said at the time his prepuce can affect health, and his penis a few short, recommended that the two operations together, agreed.

The motivation of why to Kowloon Hospital for surgery, Lin has also been not clear, just listen to the children say, is online about. "As a mother, are not easy to read between the lines. "She said, she found one to operate on volume of doctors, who said doctors have no penis lengthening surgery is proposed.


Festival boys died

On September 9, she got a call from volume. The phone, and the mother said, body pain, fever, meijin. "I let my son go to Kowloon Hospital and ask, if infected. "She said, and later son said there could be a cold, an IV in Kowloon Hospital. On 14th, the volume on the phone said that students to accompany him to a "public" hospital for a checkup. "MOM, I'm sick, too bad. "The phone, repeat this sentence. She hurried to buy a ticket to Changchun, Ms Lin received the "public" hospitals phone, said patients badly. "My heart has been grabbed. "

15th is the Mid-Autumn Festival, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, she arrived at the hospital, was already in the room. Lin said that later, in agreement with the hospital, Ms Lin into severe medical disciplines, see son lying in a hospital bed. "Son has no consciousness, no matter what I call him, did not respond. "On 17:40, died after rescue.

"He is only 20 years old, is still a reading child! Just say no no! "She's crying again interrupted the interview to journalists. Gansu working 4 years cancer Radiology doctors

Lay with the students

Kowloon Hospital, accompanied by no one to go to a doctor

Small he was roommates, in an interview with reporters, he recalled the last two days of my life. He said, small, September 14, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, he got a call from volume, small. "He'll let me get to the hospital, he was very uncomfortable. "Half an hour later, he rushed to the Kowloon Hospital in urology, small. "I remember it clearly, a male doctor who appeared to be thirty or forty years hold volume down to the first floor. "Small he said doctors told him there is a large hospital, let them with volume to look at. "Urology hospital, Kowloon, we both walked out of the Changchun, Changchun Urology hospital in Kowloon accompanied by no one at that time. "Little greeting and want to take a taxi to the House in front of the hospital, but not in the car, had to walk past. "He went very bad, said sick. "To a hospital accident and emergency Center, doctors check on volume, found lung illness is very serious, to hospital.

He found another roommate to accompany, small volume. "He was lying in a hospital bed, was very weak, just want to sleep. "Little he and his classmates a night guard in the hospital bed and the next morning, three other roommates to shift. "We have just returned to the bedroom, got a call from replacement students, said volume is in danger. "When he and roommate to the hospital, have been to the big Medicine Department of hospital for emergency treatment, while school teachers came.

Forensic conclusions

Kowloon Hospital fault the participation of full responsibility for

On September 18, 20th, Hironobu respectively accepted the forensic Center in Changchun, Jilin city health planning Commission medical service supervision and the family members of the deceased delegate, separately each other cause of death and urological Hospital of Changchun Kowloon exist fault identification, fault the participation of. And was recently issued by expert opinion.

Among them, the expert opinion of the cause of death of each other is, is an appraiser (deceased) the direct cause of death: acute renal failure. Cause of death: surgery (foreskin of the penis lengthening surgery + surgery), extensive bleeding, congestion, low protein blood syndrome, secondary causes of death: Lung infection.

According to medical records and cause of death, expert opinion believe Changchun Urology hospital in Kowloon in the diagnosis and treatment of fault, fault participation as solely responsible.

To this end, reporters connection of the one bow in the identification name appraisers, the experts said, it is subject to expert opinion. The expert said, identification identification of medical mistakes in the Centre province, identified a total of three people and identification of other personnel, to assure fairness.

This reporter has learned, in the identification of other causes of death, Changchun Urology hospital in Kowloon had sent officers to the scene.

Mother, Lin said, Changchun Urology hospital in Kowloon have been found, but the other party does not agree to reconciliation, family proceedings at present, family members of the deceased have been commissioned by the lawyers to prepare lawsuits. On December 9, the reporters came to the urology hospital in Kowloon, the hospital staff said the hospital leadership is not.

Kowloon Hospital:

Does not recognize the expert opinion

9th, at 21 o'clock in the evening, Jiulong hospital medical section, a newspaper to explain the situation, according to the hospital records show: at that time, the Parties propose to do penis lengthening surgery. "This surgery is outpatient surgery, without hospitalization. "The official said, wrapping plastic surgery and General Surgery of the penis belongs to is not difficult, anti-inflammatory you can just follow the doctor's orders to the hospital after surgery. "The first time in 13 days, there have been deaths, not to die on the operating table. "A President said at the hospital, who said his fever had a cold, and then to other hospitals for treatment, ended up in another hospital, so think that death and is not directly related to the operation. Meanwhile, on September 14 while in the hospital, doctors have the volume to play phone. "The volume when watching normal, no problems. "The medical section says, no medicine in the hospital, unable to do medical examination, there cold cough symptoms and the doctor to the General Hospital for treatment.

Head of the medical section of the hospital said, after learning of the expert opinion, Changchun Urology hospital in Kowloon recertification applications have been submitted to relevant departments. "It is the right of the hospital. "The official said, identified when no one arrived at the scene. "We had 4 people, but when the body has been stitched, identification was over. "The President said, the Court ruling is the final result, if Court hospital responsibility must not shy away from the hospital.

Why not meet with families, the President said, there is no final conclusion, hospitals do not meet and their families need to communicate. (Formerly titled 20 years old sophomore boy died after 13 days)

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