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A 4 5 billion company bought YouTube potatoes will become China s largest Internet

A $ 4.5 billion company bought YouTube potatoes will become China's largest Internet merger

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Local company sold.

The Alibaba bought the company is YouTube potato. On October 16, the Alibaba Group announced that has been issued to youku potato Board offer, bid and cool the potatoes all remaining outstanding shares, each ADS (United States depository) 26.60 dollars, the estimated total amount is likely to exceed $ 4.5 billion.

According to youku's closing price of potatoes this morning at $ 20.43, Alibaba acquired higher potato prices this morning, youku's closing price of 30%.

Although officials said the acquisition was "invited", but cooperation has been reached, the tender offer have been included Victor Koo, within the Fund and its affiliates in youku founding shareholders for their support. Ali Baba offered 4.5 billion bid is sincere enough.

Takeover rumors for a long time, the takeover is increasingly fierce competition on the Internet, Internet giant hugs results. For both sides, things to buy are ripe.

Bid and cool the potatoes will be padded Ali's film short Panel, in its last earnings, Ali pictures, have as a means of dispensing Ali results appear. In May 2014, Alibaba for us $ 1.2 billion shares of youku, holding up to 20.7%. Although potato youku's largest shareholder, but has failed to cool the potatoes in the bag.

Ma has openly expressed admiration for potato youku CEO Victor Koo, "I always appreciate Koo's achievements. Through this partnership, we will be more in-depth support for Koo and his team realized the dream of creating a leading digital entertainment platform. "

Proposal in Alibaba, youku founder Victor Koo will continue to serve as YouTube Tudou Board Chairman and CEO.

Alibaba has always been ambitious in the video, after the acquisition, YouTube video content will further complement potatoes Alibaba's e-commerce, media, advertising, financial services. On October 16, said aliying intended merger Korea two or three entertainment companies. Aliying says, is looking for investment opportunities, had been with Korea KBS has cooperated more than one business unit of preliminary discussions.

Potatoes, youku, video leader is gone, the second shareholder Tencent has its own video service, almost no acquisition is possible. Take a step back and said, if the company does not purchase them, youku potatoes instead into an embarrassing situation. In the first quarter of 2015, youku potatoes a day covering 47.71 million people, slipped from the first second, aiqi art PPS jumped to the first at 49.35 million.

Video requires a lot of capital. Throughout the fiscal year 2014, the video industry losses reached 888.6 million Yuan, much higher than the 2013 580 million Yuan. By the year 2015, nearly all of the video site is still losing money.

The Bank has previously said youku potatoes are currently facing serious challenges, primarily from the content and competition for market share. Throughout the fiscal year 2014, youku potato contraction of professionally produced content procurement, especially popular content. By contrast, arch-rival aiqi art PPS and Tencent videos are supported by respective parent companies flush with cash, and win market share.

Then you can watch YouTube video, buy buy buy. Upon completion of cooperation, the two sides will cooperate in all its aspects. Youku potatoes currently more than 500 million active users. After the acquisition is completed, youku potatoes and Ali butt back, open data, aliyun CDN to co-operate. And have access to PayPal, relying on MOM, developed the "watching" and a series of products.

Buy once successfully completed, will be one of this year's biggest mergers and acquisitions in the Internet industry. As you can see, vertically on the current market leading products in the areas of shadow of a BAT, at least in the copyright field of the high cost of video and startups in General is hard to dabble in.

Besides Alibaba bid and cool the potatoes and Chinese Internet industry in these two years there are more giant mergers, as follows:

1.2015 in October, the combined group and public comments, the Group CEO public commented CEO Zhang Tao and Wang also serves as co-CEO, details are yet to be released, the birth of the largest O2O service enterprises in China;

2.2015 August, Alibaba 28.3 billion strategic shares of suning, becoming its second largest shareholder, saw its 1600 offline stores. But this is not mere Internet industry mergers; How did a virus that affected almost all iPhone

3.2015 May, ctrip, spending about $ 400 million, owns 37.6% shares of art long;

4.2015 April, 58 and market consolidation, 58, paid $ 1.56 billion for the fair of 43.2% shares;

5.2015 February, drops faster strategic merger;

6.2014 March Jing East Guan Yixun;

7.2014 June, Alibaba acquired a wholly UC, amount of 3.358 billion dollars;

8.2014 February, Alibaba acquired a wholly guide map, at a cost of us $ 1.1 billion;

9.2013 July, Baidu acquisition network Longcheer 91 wireless, bid us $ 1.9 billion;

10.2013 in April, Alibaba shares of Sina weibo, $ 568 million purchase of 18% shares.

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