Friday, October 2, 2015

Energy Lab this is probably the world s largest MINI coffee shop

This summer, the BLUE CAR COFFEE in Huai Hai Zhong Lu, Shanghai opened its sixth store, 1th, claims to be the world's first coffee and MINI theme restaurant.

Baqi is located at the intersection of stores, very conspicuous, and passers-by will never admit this unique style of decoration and its name. Also pull cool, and (once) ": at the front of the restaurant" the 5 MINI classic car.

Into the restaurant moments been interior designed to cure: feeling a little fun!

Like this;

There is;

Look at this car, this big screen advertising, the wall plate! Thick subject cafeteria FEEL rushing. Mix and match furniture style makes it interesting, based on personal preferences and needs, a free choice, suitable for different groups of people talking to different occasions. We feel alone, couples, families, girlfriends, co-workers, all the options ... ...

By the way, license plate mailbox beneath the wall was seriously close to the line with the date of the "MON", is found to be a little surprise.

Counter on the first floor provides drinks and dessert. Blue latte of the four seasons, is said to be peanut butter and coffee mix, surprisingly harmonious, where did not feel right, temperature remain fragrant. Let me hazard a guess, was called "the four seasons", is that because the four seasons brand peanut butter is used ... ...

Since it is a restaurant, do not try the restaurant part of the features seem to be a little pity.

Second floor, so we end up with the coffee, direct and various car decoration by ubiquitous MINI shock. All MINI models; the right wall is the simulation of the surrounding streets, shuttle car model MINI course; not to mention the two MINI ads; even the table display of decorative picture frames, are also ... ...

MENU design follows the whole of the UK wind, red and white diagonal stripes border, black pages. Slightly thick booklet, and the content is very rich: Brunch, appetizers, salads, soups, Asian selection (looks like a collection of meals), main dishes, snacks, Hamburger sandwiches, desserts and drinks. Some has.

I build another Blue Salad. Friend is Tom yum seafood noodles.

Blue Salad tastes good, Tom yum seafood hot and sour, and praise. JMedia Li Ning I wanted to be a champion

Around while waiting for the food I tried to count how many MINI. And then I was a little dizzy, a little secret. Huge amount of cool MINI reminds me of it.

Want to know how much does the car have?

"Don't ask me MINI lopped off, I'll tell you so much ... ..."

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