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Pay for 3 months captured in Lijiang

Is located in the southwest of Yunnan Lijiang by PayPal "captured".

Just got off the plane, you can see everywhere in the Lijiang Sanyi airport PayPal banner: "take PayPal, visit blue Lijiang". Lijiang city, in a day of life, from hotel reservations, buy tickets to pay the fare, attraction tickets, dining and shopping in the city, can be done on the PayPal. Lijiang, has become the first captured by Alipay in the true sense of "Smart City".

This is Lijiang city and PayPal "consensual" results.

Tourism is the pillar industry of Lijiang. But I do not know when, saddled in Lijiang "Adventure capital" title, Lijiang City Government in desperate need of new city position, enhance the city's image. Coupled with the old town of Lijiang and the commercial exploitation of shuhe, homogenization serious and other towns of the country, Yunnan local culture gradually lost. When looking for a new city of Lijiang, Alipay has emerged.

In April 2015, in Kunming, Yunnan Provincial Government and Alibaba group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, will play their respective resource advantages, jointly promote Yunnan "Internet +" strategy. In this context, the Lijiang Government cooperation with Alipay is a concrete floor, the two sides signed an agreement on September 20.

Ant-gold suit city channel business development manager Xiao rang (nickname) is in charge of this project in Lijiang, he tells the interface the journalist, "Lijiang Government awareness of the Internet, and various boards, district local Government was particularly willing to cooperate with us. Is the Government really think of it as the same thing. "

According to Xiao rang introduced, in order to complete the layout of the smart city, Lijiang Government has given enough of policy support. Specially established "Internet + Lijiang" leading group, Deputy Mayor Chen Xingyuan of Lijiang as team leader. And the corresponding supervision groups are also established, regularly informed of the mismatch.

Due to ants take much business is done inside the city, a lot of support from the City Administration Committee. In practice, they even ants gold service provides temporary office space for the staff; local neighborhood committees also help business advocacy, actively invite businesses in their communities. "We have to look at the eye. "Xiao rang said.

Coming 11 golden week is the annual travel peak of Lijiang. Lijiang city, according to Tourism Bureau statistics, in 2014 11 year period, more than 30 million tourists visited Lijiang, 11 Lijiang this year the total number of tourists is expected to exceed that of last year.

By comparison, Lijiang, the city's permanent population is 1.26 million urban population of hundreds of thousands of tourism trips more than 25 times times the local population. One can imagine an urban resource configured for the hundreds of thousands of people, received 30 million tourists, it must have been difficult. A tourist season, take a taxi, rent a car difficult to complain a lot.

11 approaching, on the one hand, Governments need to digest the attractions of Lijiang security, cleaning, accommodation, transportation and even health care, a full range of pressure, ensure adequate capacity at 11 o'clock, on the Alibaba is also anxious to rewarding, seize the online travel market.

Of course, Alibaba has pressure from rivals Tencent. Now, with "+ micro letters, public payment" as the core, app wisdom scenic solutions have access to nearly 150 leading attractions. Meet the master Office2016 25 history of Microsoft

After 3 months of hard work, Ant-gold garments produced responses are: currently over 80% in the ancient city of merchants have access to use PayPal, the line reached an agreement to pay the more than more than 1200 Inn, Lijiang ancient town, shuhe ancient town, Baisha town, FA Jie Qi XING Street and other important tourist places of business, and Alipay pads layout extension has been completed, Lijiang airport has completed the system.

In this process, the attitudes of the different businesses on PayPal.

"Hua Yu XI" is a skin care brand in Yunnan, Kunming, Lijiang, Yuxi, the three have their own flower garden. Docked in the PayPal and merchant in the process, it is the most active one.

Owner interface for journalists in an interview, said, "we want to use the PayPal platform, allowing users to see that our products are really good. "Hua Yuxi, Lijiang has two stores promoting" 1 berserk "and" random State minus "promotions, and PayPal are printed on her own initiative roll up and banner promotion. By Alipay Middle subsidies and Hua Yuxi shared commitment.

According to press reports, Hua Yu XI was originally intended to provide 2 million to 3 million of funding, sponsored by PayPal at press conferences, but PayPal refused. Xiao rang about refused the money because, "If the product is good, business consumers should be let to this part of the advertising to allow consumers to experience. Want PayPal to value traffic, businesses should cherish it. The more important than money. "

Not all businesses are the same as Hua Yuxi actively. Lijiang city itself is an Internet degree and weak, in the process of accepting Internet, rejection reactions are normal, especially in many local Naxi people engaged in traditional, they used to generations in the traditional way of life, choose a higher proportion of non-cooperative.

Word of life Division General Manager Wang lijuan told reporters, "we found that 1/3-1/2 businesses are gradually being accepted. "

In Lijiang, the local family businesses "Bai sui Fang" as an example, this is a company in Kunming, Xishuangbanna is as much a branch of the family business, with silverware manufacturing. Initially not confirmed PayPal will bring them nothing, but in the understanding of the underlying payment data to get through, you can shop after the collaborative management, Bai sui Fang accepted cooperation with Alipay.

Government assistance to promote, under the effect of policy, PayPal recently did a training to businesses, there are more than more than 80 stores, about 120 people arrived at the scene. Business people have a natural ability to learn, most of us are willing to tell about the mobile Web to bring change to their lives.

Xiao rang said the next business, Alipay will foster business, increase their acceptance of Alipay and the skilled services skill. Big business also needs a better payment experience, small businesses need to be more efficient payment method.

After you complete the first merchant of primitive accumulation and subsequent business access will be ripe. Because once the environment and atmosphere, surrounding businesses see benefits, will gradually step into a virtuous cycle of learning and imitation.

Ali Baba and the cooperation from the tourism of Lijiang, and ultimate goal is to achieve utility lifestyle coverage, ultimately change local people's way of life. Alibaba group Xia on Lijiang of strategy cooperation is full of: "to Ah" access tourism resources, in Yulong snow Shang feet can saw to Ah of Amoy public Tsai, line Shang will for Lijiang provides more of flow support; phone Taobao once positioning people in Lijiang, on will to user recommended a "Lijiang life Museum", inside has Lijiang features of flowers cake, specialty; credit cooperation, and drops drops taxi... PayPal finally realize the scene is not your wallet can visit Lijiang.

Because of PayPal's rapid access, with more than 800 year history of the old town of Lijiang is accelerating the commercialization of it. In the near future, living in Lijiang can be convenient and North Canton. According to PayPal users in Lijiang people under 35 crowd accounted for 77%, this is even higher than in other cities. "Young" and "convenient" will replace the "old" as Lijiang's new label.

For PayPal, in Lijiang, a "Smart City" after benchmarks established, it will be possible to make a copy of this pattern to the more travel in the city. Of course, this is a prerequisite for a large, local governments hold the Lijiang City Government's open attitude.

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