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10 € 1 billion! Adidas or the Germany football team out of the history of

Wearing adidas Jersey of Germany won the Brazil World Cup winner. (Source: network) 10 € 1 billion! Adidas or the Germany football team out of the history of the most expensive contracts

In order to defend their own "territory", Germany brand adidas or throwing a super sponsorship deals.

Beijing time on September 8, the Germany newspaper Bild said, sports giant adidas to Germany football team presents renewed shirt sponsorship contract, its offer of about € 1 billion 10 years. If the contract finalized, which will more than Manchester United and adidas signed a 10-year 750 million pounds (about 940 million euros) contract to serve as football's most expensive shirt sponsorship in the history.

Germany men's soccer team is the world's oldest record of one of the finest club team, has won four World Cup titles, including last year's Brazil World Cup Crown is undoubtedly the King of today's international football team. In addition, large stars of Germany tank, also has many followers worldwide--last year, Germany's Brazil World Cup Home Kit sales exceeded 3 million, the most welcomed by the fans.

Germany local brands over the past more than 40 years, adidas has been the "home" football team shirt sponsor. Both latest renewal was in 2007, when adidas Germany Football Association won the 11 hands € 250 million in long-term contracts, which will take place in 2018 Russia expires after the World Cup.

Germany team when signed 11 contracts with adidas, local media said, rivals Nike also pursue the football matches, and offer almost twice times that of adidas. However, the Germany Football Association options have decades of friendship with the Team Germany local brands, which also caused a lot of controversy.

Today is three years from the expiration of the old contract, adidas presents early renewal offer. Bild said adidas was in such a hurry, not only because Germany win the 2014 World Cup champion, also has a relationship with rival Nike.

In March, Germany Football Federation President niersibahe (Wolfgang Niersbach) told Germany magazine Sponsors said in an interview, when towards the end of the contract with adidas, Germany Football Federation has opened the door to negotiations in order to secure record sponsorship deal.

"In football equipment, the design of new equipment needs to be very much ahead of time, and every time we will discuss in advance and adidas. Of course, Nike also has fair competition be Germany team shirt sponsor opportunities, other companies may also wish to become a sponsor. "Niersibahe said. His implication was that different from 2007, this time Nike does have a chance of becoming Germany's football team shirt sponsor.

Germany won the Brazil Cup champion, Nike also did not want to lose this opportunity. According to Bild, said United States brands are also active offer, and they offer are not low, but so far there is no specific quote Nike news.

Germany team with Nike "flirting", adidas is worried, it didn't want to lose my home territory. Thus, adidas decided to renew early, and made a 10-year sponsorship contract of 1 billion euros. Nike, adidas is sending out an important factor in this huge fat around. Germany media revealed the news so far, the parties have not yet made any official response.

Last summer, after contract talks broke down with sponsor Nike Manchester United, the Premier League Giants adidas eventually signed a 10 £ 750 million (about 940 million euros) in sponsorship deals. 2015-2016 start of the season, Manchester United will wear the adidas jerseys out. Meanwhile, the sky-high contract also set a Real Madrid and adidas 8-year record of 248 million pounds, became the first in football history through sponsorship.

Adidas and Germany football team "fertilizer about" eventually, it will go beyond the brand value of the contract with Manchester United, refreshed again become the most expensive shirt sponsorship deal in football history. Football sponsorship in Europe an increasing number of cases, such a "record-breaking" probably won't stop.

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