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Acquisition talk about three hours ties that do not conflict are China diplomatic

Photo Source: Xinhua

President XI Jinping 24th night local time in Washington, Mr Blair here Tuesday with United States President Barack Obama hold a Sino-US Summit.

24th local time this afternoon, XI arrived in United States Washington soon, Obama invited to the White House. Obama warmly welcomed at the gate. Then, the two Presidents walked together along Pennsylvania Avenue to Blair here. Two Presidents walked on he XI Jinping to United States warmly welcomes the visit. XI Jinping said happy the United States for a State visit, my Seattle trip pleasant and fruitful. I am looking at State functions in Washington, with you on bilateral relations and the two sides exchanged in-depth views on issues of common concern to reach more consensus and results.

Month-long wind, and Blair here elegant and quiet at night. The two heads of State met for 3 hours, it governance, Sino-US relations and in-depth exchange of views on major issues of common concern. United States Vice President Joe Biden, United States Secretary of State John Kerry and other officials attended.

He pointed out that, when we met in annaboge Manor in June 2013, both countries reached important consensus in efforts to build a new type of relations. You during a State visit to China last November, we talk again in Yingtai, such in-depth communication, help provide development direction, the momentum of Sino-US relations. An ammonia gas leak in a chemical plant of pingdingshan

XI Jinping stressed, is China's basic State policy of reform and opening up, is the motive force to promote China's development in the future. China open doors are never closed, foreign enterprises to invest in China in the future, there will be a more open, liberal and transparent environment. Taking the road of peaceful development is China's strategic choice is based on history, reality and future objective judgment came to the conclusion. Meanwhile, we must firmly safeguard their sovereignty, security and development interests.

XI noted that China is a current participant in the international system, builders and contributors, as well as beneficiaries. Reform and improve the existing international system, does not mean that new kitchen, but to push it towards a more just and rational direction. China's "along the way", the Asian infrastructure investment initiative, are open, transparent, inclusive and conducive to the economic development of the countries concerned, increase employment, reduce poverty, and welcomes the active participation of all parties concerned, including the United States.

Obama said the United States welcomes China's peaceful rise. A stable and prosperous China, not only in the interests of the Chinese people, and also in line with the United States and the interests of the international community. Beauty in the successful cooperation on the issue of climate change, to help Africa fight against the Ebola epidemic, are examples of the two countries work together to address global challenges. World is moving toward multi-polarization, China and other emerging countries in the international system of voice and representation should be increased. United States hope that China will play a more important role in the world.

XI stressed that China should strengthen high-level strategic mutual trust. I have said many times, Pacific large enough room for development of both countries. Ties do not conflict without confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win, is a priority of China's foreign policy. Since we met Anna Berg estate since Sino-US relations have made important and positive developments. Both sides have launched negotiations for a bilateral investment agreement, bilateral trade and mutual investments last year hit a record high. Establishing two army two confidence-building mechanism, achieving visa reciprocity arrangements, issued a joint declaration on climate change, jointly tackle Ebola outbreak in West Africa, promoting Iran nuclear issue reached a comprehensive agreement. These results are the result of joint efforts between China and America, applause not only the two peoples, and also of the international community in General.

XI pointed out that there are some differences between the two countries, but from the global to the Sino-US relations, and their common interests far outweigh our differences, bilateral cooperation has always been the mainstream. Facts have fully proved that building a new type of relations between China and this goal is completely correct and has strong vitality. Both sides should stand along this direction, go one step at a time. The next phase, the two sides should continue to strengthen high-level exchanges, expanding cooperation, properly handle differences, strengthening public opinion, maintain the sound momentum of China-US relations, and a longer period for the future development of bilateral relations and lay a solid foundation.

Obama said, I don't agree that conservative powers and emerging giants will clash "Thucydides trap". Powers, especially between the United States and to avoid conflicts. I believe that the United States and China have the ability to manage their differences. The competition between the United States and should be constructive and positive.

The two heads of State will be held on 25th meeting, a further exchange of views.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and other officials attended these activities.

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