Friday, September 11, 2015

Samsung sells mobile phones in China not only its hotels and duty-free shops

Photo: CFP Samsung sells mobile phones in China not only its hotels and duty-free shops are also counting on Chinese tourists

Boost MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) hit the market, Samsung Group's three brand new hotel, Shilla duty free shop and Everland brand promotion will be held in Shanghai. As the spokesman of Shilla duty free Korea star Li Zhongshuo also came to the platform.

Before the tour, Samsung signed a memorandum of cooperation with ctrip, both sides said it will develop a wide range of sightseeing routes, increase the intensity of promotional travel goods.

MERS before outbreaks occur, Korea is a popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists, according to Korea's customs statistics, in 2014, the Korea 43% in the number of passengers were Chinese tourists, while in the previous three years, that figure remained nearly 40% of growth. Equally important is, these tourists, mostly Chinese middle class, and they hope to have the opportunity to travel for shopping.

Duty-free shops became the beneficiary of this trend. Throughout Korea duty free shop sales of 7.4 billion dollars, according to a report by HSBC, by 2020, the turnover will be doubled.

Shilla duty free shop now has Korea duty free shop 30% 's share of the market. Throughout Korea, it has 8 stores, while in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore stores are also available at the airport. Current 70% of Shilla duty free shop sales from Chinese tourists. Of course, in order to satisfy Chinese tourists, Shilla duty free shop has launched a Chinese guide service, Chinese tourists also have VIP lounges. In May 2014, the Shilla duty free shop launched its Chinese Web site, the rapid growth in its retail sales network 39%. Korea consumer spending accounted for 70% of the total retail sales of its network, the rest of 30% from Chinese consumers.

In addition to the Shilla duty free shop, Samsung Group's Tourism Department also has a Silla Hotel Everland brands. Known as Gianna June wedding to the former, while the latter is Korea popular variety shows of the Running Man, as well as the dramas of the producers of the primary shooting location. Chinese drama fans, has a certain appeal. In fact, with the 2010 increase the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea, Samsung's Department of tourism's overall income 1 time.

But those good times to stay in the first half of this year. Because MERS outbreak of Chinese tourists to South Korea plummeted. According to the South Korean tourism officials and Korea foreign arrivals fell by 50%, Korea suffered $ 23 billion loss of income.

In order to boost tourism, Korea Government also pulled out all the stops. From August this year, will see a series of market movements. First, the Korea Tourism Organization was highly recognizable in the Asian actor Lee Min Ho as the ambassadors make propaganda films. Then, Mayor of Seoul Park brought many Korean stars came to the streets of Guangzhou, jumped for a dance. Not long ago, Jeju special autonomy Governor also came to Shanghai to personally introduce to eliminate concerns of Chinese tourists.

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