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China News weekly drug Mayor Gong Weiguo

Former Mayor Gong Weiguo, linxiang in Hunan province. Photo: network

Recently, the Mayor of linxiang in Hunan original Gong Weiguo drug, again caused concern.

On August 25, the Yueyang city network cultural construction management center official Micro-Blog said, original linxiang city people's Procuratorate Procurator-General Liu Qunlin reflected drug use has been dismissed, transferred back to the Yueyang city prosecutor's Office, under investigation. Linxiang, former Deputy Mayor, police Chief, Cao Qingsong also being by former Mayor responsible for drug levels.

Said Cao Qingsong was removed from Office due to the Gong Weiguo drug supervision. According to the Newsweek survey, Gong Weiguo drug addicts, a Cao Qingsong PIC. Liu Qunlin was removed, likely due to his suspected to be connected with the Gong Weiguo drug.

The China News weekly also learned that Gong Weiguo drug case, or there may be other linxiang officials involved.

Linxiang officialdom's drug problem and therefore cause for concern – how many officials involved? Former Vice Mayor Jiang zongfu, linxiang said in an interview with the China News weekly, I was very fortunate in linxiang not long, "a long time, I find it difficult to guarantee. "

The promotion of disappointment, written on your face

In the eyes of Jiang zongfu, Gong Weiguo is a dedication is very strong, very capable officials. "Young, educated, capable. "

In 2003, Gong Weiguo through public selection of xiangyin County deputy magistrate, while at Central South University, received a master's degree in ethics. Since then. He worked in xiangyin County, miluo City Office, and in 2009 was appointed Bureau of Yueyang city Party Secretary, Secretary, at age 37, becoming class officials '.

At the time, Yueyang city, Bureau of culture is a "mess". Jiang zongfu said Gong Weiguo before taking office, Bureau of Yueyang city has a more than 10-year housing families of the area, there are two commercial uncompleted, "has 100 million yuan in debt." The entire Bureau of the cash-strapped, basically not functioning State.

Gong Weiguo, through their connections around funding, and work towards a national subsidy programs, finally paid off its debt. According to the informed source, the resources using the Gong Weiguo, someone in the family business, in the second, in Hunan province, the official contacts.

In 2011, the Gong Weiguo was sent to linxiang served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal Committee and Acting Mayor. "Yueyang municipal Committee saw was his ability and leadership skills. "Jiang zongfu, told the China News weekly. In December 2011, 39 year old Gong Weiguo became mayor of linxiang.

Gong Weiguo after taking office, the city's road reconstruction, "civilized city" created, investment, construction of key projects very seriously, and has made certain achievements. Linxiang Public Security Bureau told the China News weekly, a staff member, people's evaluation of Gong Weiguo was "able to endure hardship, is an officer."

There was a time, Gong Weiguo appeared in linxiang city every day on a construction site, occupy almost daily news reports the main location. One day, linxiang in the evening news, Gong Weiguo one exclusive article 7. Accordingly, said Gong Weiguo mood look forward to promotions is too obvious.

In 2013, the Party Secretary out of the linxiang, linxiang, Gong Weiguo to a vacancy, but ultimately failed to linxiang-when transferred to another "top leaders". Linxiang surveyed the officials told China News weekly, Gong Weiguo the disappointment of this arrangement, sometimes written on the face. "Sometimes, the municipal party Committee meeting, said the one thing, Gong Weiguo Office will immediately call the Mayor, to be negative. "

Several people close to Gong Weiguo said officialdom, Gong Weiguo temper is "notoriously bad", often work to be provoked, even at the meeting tried to BS. "He didn't like, do not respect the official Almanac, talk too. Sometimes criticism regardless of occasion, totally inconsiderate of the face, feels a bit ' political immaturity '. "

"Did you catch a cold medicine? "

According to insiders, private, Gong Weiguo was an uninhibited personality sentimentalist. "Even when eating in a restaurant, his waitress jokes are quite large. "This person said that relevant departments to survey the life style of Gong Weiguo, involve multiple sectors, including many women. In addition, during the period as Mayor of linxiang, Gong Weiguo had been in contact for several of the young women organization of the work.

Jiang zongfu, told the China News weekly, Gong Weiguo perhaps in career encountered setbacks, began to seek comfort in illusion. In 2014, the Gong Weiguo had hallucinations, phoned police to say someone wanted to harm him.

A Yueyang municipal government official told China News weekly: "in linxiang City police chief should know Gong Weiguo Cao Qingsong drug addiction, but Gong was superior and colleagues in a good relationship, and no measures have been taken. "

Gong Weiguo's drug addiction behaviour may have been within the Government of linxiang personnel found. Linxiang the Yueyang municipal government official quoted the Secretary explained that the Secretary to travel to discuss a project with the Gong Weiguo, Gong Weiguo key card to open the door when, out of the Pocket a pill, but Gong Weiguo was not aware. The Director secretly picked up the pills, and determined it was a methamphetamine pills.

How to deal with this pill, the Secretary felt tangled-no, afraid of apathetic when Gong Weiguo the next day to discuss the project make a fool of State; and do not know how to. And finally came up with a way-the Secretary find Gong Weiguo, was asked if he was a cold medicine, Gong Weiguo took pills and didn't say anything.

In March 2015, the discipline inspection group eighth group stationed in Yueyang, Hunan province, received a real-name reporting Gong Weiguo's letter. Party Secretary Huang Junjun linxiang in confirmed this in an interview with reporters--Hunan provincial inspection group received to investigate, only to find Gong Weiguo "condition the truth."

Inspection group stationed about 10 days later, began to circulate of linxiang Gong Weiguo was news of the investigation. Linxiang city government official site showing information, Gong Weiguo attended the event for the last time, on April 7. Now not to do nude China State was last cleaned 24

On this day, Gong Weiguo to ill health, submitted the request for leave and his resignation, said he was "depressed and in need of treatment." On or about April 14, Gong Weiguo staying at a hospital in Guangzhou affective disorders section, issue a certificate of need hospital treatment. Since then, Gong Weiguo in the family, accompanied with "depression" in the name of treatment, during which the urine test was positive.

When the public security organs to investigate Gong Weiguo, he compared the initiative to make the statement. Public security organs according to the symptom Gong Weiguo concluded Gong Weiguo has drug use at least two or three years, reached the degree of addiction.

On April 21, 2015, Xinhua News Agency said: "Mayor of Yueyang linxiang Gong Weiguo suspected drug users, public security organs have a formal investigation has been removed from the Gong Weiguo linxiang, Deputy Secretary, linxiang long removal procedures are law and rules for appropriate action. "

A number of government officials in connection with the

Gong Weiguo before the incident, according to the Changsha evening news reported, on February 20, 2014, until March 20, Yueyang Public Security Bureau in the city for a month-long drug-related problem in recreation places of special operations. One week only, 8 have smashed a drug-related criminal cases, drug-related suspects arrested 15 people, organize inventory action 26 times, inventory of hotels, bars, KTV entertainment 499 (once), drug-related offenders seized 222 people.

Gong Weiguo drug sites, it is a luxury hotel in linxiang. Close to Gong Weiguo knows, Gong friends, "to sing KTV, clubbing, drinking, everything." Drugs with him there is no lack of local real estate and infrastructure projects of the boss. This circle has many underground trading sites, drug through the circle of insider dealing.

It was reported in the Beijing News, Gong Weiguo Zhang drug women maintained a relationship for a long time. Earlier the woman in love with a developer, Gong Weiguo and the developers are friends. 3 years ago, and the woman with her boyfriend in a hotel room in Changsha when drug addicts, Gong Weiguo and to get to know.

The summer of 2013, the woman surnamed Zhang and another friend to linxiang Gong Weiguo, in linxiang Pacific hotel room, the two drugs together for the first time.

Former insiders told China News weekly, linxiang, drug users often have a fixed drug locations and suppliers. "Sure is, Gong Weiguo would not personally care drugs. Meth is cheap, to gain access to more channels. "

The people familiar with the matter said, because Gong Weiguo addicted to some drug bosses wanted to deliver, Exchange interests with the Mayor. "Drugs-dependent people, often drug-dependent people. "

Gong Weiguo after the incident, public questioning the official regulatory systems at the same time, also raised another question: how many officials involved in the swirl of drug abuse?

On linxiang, accompanied by Chief Prosecutor Liu Qunlin by drug organizations survey, Yueyang city, Department officials said, who asked not to be named, Liu Qunlin does drug use but are to accompany Gong Weiguo drug use it is difficult to determine. The China News weekly, was informed by another from the familiar, about 22 people involved in the Gong Weiguo drug case, many of which are public officials. But the claim has not been borne out by procuratorial organs and discipline inspection departments.

Vice Mayor of linxiang position after leaving the Jiang zongfu published a book reflecting the rule of officialdom's autobiographical novel of Guan Lu, modelled on the novel he linxiang has served, described a lot of bureaucracy.

Jiang zongfu said officers from a township Party Secretary, takes too long time, but sometimes after vacated a seat, superior was not promoted from local, but sent down from above, many officials will have psychological wave motion, and in serious cases can cause depression. "You said I have no record whatever 7788 cadres can pick out a lot of achievements. Mainly rely on feelings and impressions in selecting cadres. Under this employment situation, really want to again hopeless people are depressed. "

"When selecting a group of intellectuals into grass-roots units in the province, Gong Weiguo have high academic qualifications, titles, backgrounds, and political ambition is very big," Jiang zongfu, for example, "but a person's political life was short, every step up to consuming two or three years, not before the age of 45 stalls-level words, his political ambitions are difficult to achieve. If unusual or impossible, and political qualities may stand the test of depression into a disease, abandoned. "

(This article first published in the China News weekly, issue No. 723, journalist Liu Chengwei from Yueyang)

Source: China News weekly

Original title: drug Mayor Gong Weiguo

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