Saturday, September 12, 2015

New method to disable the "first", "top", "best" brand copywriter is more crazy

"The shock first round, the lowest net, sales first......" these had been treated lightly by brand advertising slogan, now cannot be used anymore. On September 1, the new amendment of the People's Republic of China advertisement law (hereinafter "new laws") implemented.

This amendment Bill has for the first time in 20 years "in the history of the most strict" title, all containing "the most, first, of the top" limit of the terms will be banned, violators will be fined 200,000 yuan penalty, than other radiation on advertising law is much larger.

Advertising creative is prevalent, however, major brands strategies to react fast, brain hole to open, instantly became a serious big a happy marketing. Interface reporter summarizes the four representative copy for you, take a look at how brands are successfully avoid advertising law, the "minefield".

"Illegal surrender"

Now that the new law would limit terms "illegal" hung an equals sign, then use "turned himself in" Meng himself.

This trickery of approach also can as a another a taking advantage of marketing, in no wind also wavy of advertising circle, "Chase hot" has is copy of essential skills, easily some view, "9.1 new Bill" also can as "double a big promoting"--put products performance implanted into Bill method article, again call everyone with to comply with advertising method, brand, and personal, and national, a are didn't falls.

Claim type II

Saw a large wave brands "black words" harangues on, another copy playing "tamper with the concept of" trick, new law appear in the advertisements are not allowed "first." Since no one would dare first to be a "second" is also very good.

-Rhetoric New method to disable the "first", "top", "best" brand copywriter is more crazy

New advertising method provides cannot again using limit terms, can even cannot said "national, and world level, and best, and first, and maximum, and top, and most cheap, and latest, and first, and latest, and full network sales first, and global starting, and full network starting, and latest science, and top, and most by welcomes, and sales champion, and unique......", also is will has other adjectives to instead of they, like Haier appliances of this group poster.

Say something nice

In fact, although rigorous new advertising law, but for false advertising on the market run amok is also a deterrent. Many brands in the tagline, exaggerations, but slid over the real core data and products, many consumers are the losers.

Normal marketing is very necessary for the promotion of new products, but for the general public, really want to see that advertising is not the copy in the nines piling and Visual effects, but real and effective products.

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