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Chinese cruise slowly sail HNA swallow MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise?

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On September 14, the news that the world's biggest private cruise agency MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise was purchased by Hainan Airlines, MSC in operations probably will be in the hands of the Chinese market after Caesar's tourism, and the acquisition of specific details such as the amount is unknown.

Hainan Airlines acquisition of MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise News, head of the Hainan Airlines Group received news that there is no information on the interface. Interface tourism journalists call Caesar, the official said: "the MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise and Caesar are very important for tourism cooperation, but not to take over. "

In recent years, Hainan Airlines has strong layout in the cruise industry. The end of 2011, HNA group from the United States Carnival Group purchased "henna", and HNA tourism cruise yacht Management Ltd was set up in November 2012, is the earliest Chinese admission, a cruise company. As of July this year, "henna" in Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Qingdao, Haikou, Sanya 6 cruise home port as short as 3 days 2 nights, up to 8 days 7 nights cruise tourism product.

However, Hainan Airlines has not met a single ship operations, "we have to create a world-class cruise brands for the Chinese." HNA cruise relating people to the media. In addition to the expanded fleet, sea boat cruises are also not satisfied with the current product lines, according to these sources, sea boat cruise is being discussed with the Government of French Polynesia cruise details, if nothing else, the two sides will in Polynesian Airlines has an intensive cooperation.

But because of the luxury cruise liner operational in China, with international cruise Giants there is still a certain gap. Wants to rapid development of HNA cruise expansion acquisitions to become the best way. Once the two sides agreed to buy, HNA capital Cruises fleet in the cruise will be the largest enterprises.

At present, the Carnival group, Royal Caribbean cruises as the representative of the international cruise Giants occupying most of the cruise market. Chinese cruise company officially debut in 2013, is still less than 5% of the market share.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises is headquartered in Italy Naples, owns a fleet of 12 cruise lines, by the end of 2016, which carry more than 30,000 passengers. Its routes throughout Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, North America, South America, South Africa, route number 57.

In March this year, MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise is planned for 2017 sent a "sea level" new ship to China, joined the Chinese battle for the cruise market. Compared to Carnival and Royal Caribbean, MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise to Asia and China, did not seize.

Prior to this, Caesar's tourism has frequent cooperation with MSC Cruises, on September 1, Caesar tourism jointly with MSC Cruises announced that it had reached "the world's top strategic partner" relationship, lyric, MSC will arrive in Shanghai next May cruise home port.

Caesar Chen Xiaobing, President of tourism had previously said publicly that Caesar tourism cooperation with MSC Cruises, are different from traditional travel agencies and cruise lines chartered the meaning of cooperation, both in personnel training, infrastructure, service design, in depth cooperation.

Cruise Tour of the China communication and Transportation Association Vice President Zheng Wei course media, amazing cruise market growth in China last year in absolute terms is 739600, 9 years ago, fewer than 20,000 people this year, certainly more than 1 million people. By 2020, the number of cruise tourists in China is expected to reach 4.5 million passengers, the Asia-Pacific region the most dynamic and largest cruise market. Chinese cruise slowly sail HNA swallow MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise?

Chinese cruise, except for sea boat cruise in March 2014, Bohai ferry company purchased from the poem "the Voyager", changed its name to "China mount Tai", its maiden voyage from Yantai in August of the same year. September 2014, ctrip from fine cruise lines bought the "exquisite era" and "exquisite crystal", and in collaboration with Royal Caribbean to form "Sea cruise".

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