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Secretary of Commerce in the US media posting looking after ten years of Sino

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President XI Jinping of China trip to visit the United States on September 22 opening. United States September 21 today-United States (USA Today), China's Commerce Minister, Gao Hucheng, a signed article published "the development of Sino-US trade, make the benefit of the two countries", a detailed review of Sino-US economic and trade relations and the prospects for the development of mutually beneficial. This paper also referred to China's wanxiang group in the United States market share, said North American production of 1 out of every 3 cars used cardan United States company producing parts.

Gao Hucheng, recalled in the article 36 Sino-US economic and trade ties, which refers to four key words.

One of the keywords: Coca-Cola.

"Diplomatic relations with China in 1979 after three hours, the Coca-Cola Company announced in China. Coca Cola used to the Chinese tea brings a whole new experience, also made many Chinese feel the brand's value and the impact of modern marketing methods. Coca-Cola's gradually opening the Chinese market, Chinese market. After more than 30 years, beverage production enterprises in China to carry out a wide range of cooperation and healthy competition. "Gao Hucheng said.

Keyword two: textile exports.

Textiles are an important product of China's exports to the United States for a long time. Gao Hucheng, mentioned in the article, China's textile exports have experienced from cloth material to clothing products, from a stall on the shelves, never expected sample processing to design and brand development. Many United States clothing brand made in China come after United States into Macy's and other high-end shopping malls. Today, GAP, Nike and other brands have opened chain stores in China. Many clothing enterprises in China visiting the United States looking for design ideas, attract design talent.

Keyword three: intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is an important concern in Sino-US economic and trade cooperation. In 1992, signed a memorandum of understanding on the protection of intellectual property rights, many Chinese first became aware of this invisible, untouchable things are valuable and need to be protected. Patent applications in China has been ranking first in the world. Respect for intellectual property rights bring great benefits to both sides.

Keyword to the Group of 4:0.

In recent years, the rapid growth of Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States, there have been many cases of mutually beneficial win-win. Wanxiang group from a small workshop for agricultural machinery in more than 40 years and grow into large enterprises, and from China to the world. Enter the United States market since the wanxiang group has acquired more than 20 companies, saving more than more than 10 manufacturing plant threatened with bankruptcy, in the United States the total number of employees up to 12500 people. Today, North American production of 1 out of every 3 cars used cardan United States company producing parts. BBC chart count from cement and pork consumption

Gao Hucheng, said the 2014 $ 555.1 billion in bilateral goods trade, is when it established diplomatic relations nearly 227 times. The next 10 years, doubling bilateral trade and two-way investment, 2024, the bilateral trade volume is expected to exceed $ 1 trillion.

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