Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aston Martin confirms next generation sports car named DB11

A few days before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Aston Martin officially announced the next generation sports car named DB11, meanwhile released DB11 nameplate marking. According to the latest news, DB11 will launch in 2016.

Through the previous spy photos, Aston Martin DB11 remain streamlined in appearance, body design, front air intake grille using family-big mouth design, in addition, the new car's headlights and rear lights still use camouflage lamp. 2015 the Frankfurt Motor Show next generation

Interior parts, DB11 test car uses a lot of interior components from Mercedes-Benz, including from the s-class Coupe LCD LCD instrument panel, COMMAND systems and even a steering wheel. However foreign media speculation that this only represents the future of Aston Martin DB11 future and Mercedes-Benz on a common part of human-computer interaction technologies.

According to the information currently available, Aston Martin DB11 based on the VH platform, power will use the 6.0L updated version of the V12 engine, in addition to the car also provided another impetus may elect, and in cooperation with Mercedes-AMG, powered by a 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine, the engine's maximum power of 510 HP, peak torque of 649 nm.

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