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"Depth" movie business an enemy? Cat's eye released in July after a turnover

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Independence from the Group cat eye films, announced days after the July trading volume of 2.2 billion, a relation to photo times CEO rynning questioned screenshot exaggerated circle of friends whose data were exposed on the Internet.

This screenshot is from the status note "film critics" Netizen "taoxinxu shifan" published an article. In which he asks, "July 2015 5.49 billion at the box office, 46% share ticket ($ 2.53 billion) ... ... Cat's eye only accounted for 2.2 billion, several others have only 330 million, cat's eye is 7 times times the sum of all other business? "

In order to help topic, "taoxinxu shifan" exposure photo screenshot rynning, President of the friends of the times.

Rynning was the original group buying website GroupOn's CEO, later served as the lithography, President of the times, last year's "micro-ticket" is now merged with QQ tickets, known as "micro-ticket". In the screenshot, rynning said, "in July, lithography, Wanda cinema line electrical contractor has 38% per cent, the second is more than 10, we are friends 1 time. Wanda boast half looked down at the box office in China, still look down at all the theaters their abilities. Now is the era of mobile Internet, scalping cheat Taobao times investment game. Appeals to the theaters drying data against bragging is not taxed. "

Screenshot also shows the support rynning's friends, including: Wanda cinema line General Manager Zeng Maojun, involving issuance of Dragon Chen Lizhi, Chairman of Han Zhanyu, Matt, the founder of the media culture.

However, over controversial remarks alone does not determine who is right.

Because the box office does not mean that transaction. Volume (GMV) generally refers to the ordered amount, including sales, to cancel the order amount, the amount of rejected order amount, return order. In fact, the platform data of such e-commerce sites like GMV, because the numbers, look good. While cat's eye's interpretation of 2.2 billion is, this data contains the ticket service charge, nominal fee and participate in movie marketing costs, was not at the box office.

And lithographic rynning, President's circle of friends text display, lithography, Wanda cinema line than the first, is 38%. But there are more than more than 40 theaters, Wanda cinema line total box office grossing around 14%, 14%*38% is a photo online ticketing platform "micro-ticket" Wanda cinema line sold at the box office as a proportion of the country's total box office is about 5%.

Lithography in the summer in all theaters sold percentage of total gross at the box office, there are two data reference, a micro-video interface newsletter interview to answer data 14%, is suspected to have been found on the Internet through the 17% mentioned in the text of the draft.

Related questions of cat's eye data after the article appeared, interface news tried to confirm with cat's eye in July sales of box office data or market share. However, cat's eye, "it was a malicious false attacks, we do not want to spar, also does not want the media to be used by people with ulterior motives" for the reply does not give data.

According to Analysys think-tank data show that in 2014, cat's eye, Che Guevara, micro films occupy a market share of China's total movie ticket is 16.87%, 6.75% and 4.99%, cat's eye is slightly more than 3 times.

Well, according to arts data show, Spring Festival in 2015, cat's eye tickets for 13 million, ranked first; 1.6 times times is the second public comment; is third-ranked Guevara 2.3 times times is 3.6 times times the fourth micro-ticket.

Combination of the above two data, assuming that the summer opal and micro-market share unchanged, 3:1, micro-ticket box office 14% of the country's total box office to let us estimate of the percentage of cat's eye at the box office, about 42%, x 5.49 billion gross box office is about 2.3 billion, 100 million more than the cat's eye published volume of 2.2 billion.

To speculate that there are two possible, one micro-ticket tickets in the summer there are a lot of promotion, and the small difference of cat's eye. Another kind of micro-ticket 14%-17% the total percentage of the box office, or is based on the volume of calculations.

Currently, the cat's eye's parent company after the Group received $ 700 million in financing by the end of last year, CEO Wang is looking for a new round of $ 1 billion in financing. And micro-ticket in April this year after completing the b round of $ 105 million in financing (with Wanda, Tencent's capital injection), is a c round of financing. At this time, both sides attempted to light data, for more VC funds.

However, the cat's eye after you publish the data volume of 2.2 billion, why some cinemas and film distribution company to stand up and challenge the head of cat's eye?

Perhaps can only be attributed to business and cinema, the relationship between issuing companies love to kill. "Depth" movie business an enemy? Cat's eye released in July after a turnover of 2.2 billion all bad

According to data from Analysys International think-tanks, 2015 2 online ticketing (including traditional online coupon and online seat selection) market share had reached 69.18% (select online 47.9%, buy 21.28%), up 9.08% from the previous quarter, increase mainly reflected online in 2 market share continued to grow, rising 13.05% in the last quarter.

The beginning of 2013, beautiful round its vertical movies App changed its name "cat eye films", and opened the online seat selection system. Guevara, Taobao after movies, micro-film, Baidu glutinous rice, the mass comment, pull the film and many other dealers introduced online seat selection service on the mobile side, or even "where network" started this business this year.

For the audience, selected shortens the process of buying movie tickets online, experience has been greatly improved. In terms of price, because Rob between users, to 9.9 Yuan, 19.9 promotions, is not much more expensive than buying, is why not choice.

For theater, is for the better, you can quickly add theater to pick up the audience and compared with earlier buying led to disorderly passenger mass, online seat selection helps theaters theoretically sound and orderly introduction of passenger flow, improve off-season by price lever slot or weekday daytime and late-night theater attendance.

However, the interface in an interview with the news, and theater managers say, because the pricing simple and crude, and the absence of the segmentation of the customer base, an online selected little to guide the user viewing time. For example, a full day ticket prices were 9.9 and 19.9, the audience will choose gold date movie, games are still low attendance during the day.

In addition to the theoretical advantage is difficult to achieve an ideal State, provides an online selected business electricity supplier to a certain extent, impacts on the cinemas and theaters original interests:

1. Merchant promotions for taking away some of the original members of the theater, the loss of members and affected the cash flow of cinema. Meanwhile, price wars resulting in greater user mobility and cannot provide stable flow to cinemas.

2. convenient ticket in the cinema the audience travel time shorter, sells products such as popcorn sales are affected;

Home Theater, proceeds from product sales accounted for 40% of the box office proceeds (that is if cinema year 10 million at the box office, around earnings is 4 million). Photo: network

3. with the power companies upstream development, became a movie joint produced, the issuer, through a large number of votes up to reduce fares, lead audiences indirect control and influence cinema, "forcing chip" will be more and more;

4. ends due to upstream and downstream is too fragmented a weaker bargaining power, occupies more than half of ticket sales channels, square, theaters and cinemas will be more and more of a say.

Earth cinema General Manager Fang Bin said in a recent media interview, "online booking" on the right and power of threat of theater row, is the reality: when the "online booking" through cooperation have considerable, detailed ticketing data, discharge data and viewer data, of course, have the ability to chip and the strong position of bargaining power. But he added that "the occurrence of such a threat, or risk control, depending on the theater's management right in the hands of cinema. "

China film split, a rough count, the producers got the 43%, cinemas and theaters to get 57%. 57%, 4% per cent on line and can be divided into. Now more than more than 40 theaters on theater management rights are not the same, asset linking Wanda cinema line, right under the cinema chip rights, pricing power has absolute control, and therefore rarely negotiate price.

But only to provide a source for the connected theaters will not be as strong as Wanda, those with a piece of paper connected to join theater, can change owner at any time after the expiration of the agreement. Line to try to win the theater constantly reduce the charge line cinemas on a revenue share, even some cinemas and theaters where cooperation is formally affiliated, there is no split. In addition, the popularity of digital projection equipment, digital distribution has made in technology company can completely bypass the traditional theater company are distributed directly to the theater, cinema and the basis on which advantage has been gradually disappearing, can penetrate the theater management has become very limited, grates and prices are not much voice.

In addition to theater and cinema business words contingency feel uncomfortable outside, some issuers and content film production business has a lot of criticism.

In the film industry, in order to ensure that the copyright owner of the film rights, encourage filmmaking and the film industry, there has been a minimum fare regulations. Appliance in order to rob the users, price war, 9.9 and 19.9 low price sale promotions, they make have to burn paper currency.

But money has a burn day, in addition to the price war, became involved in the film industry upstream investment in content and distribution, through control of copyright, to enhance the user experience of viscosity. Moreover, such participation can provide direct financial return on business: as a joint production, e-commerce can be produced with other party's share of total gross 43% of box office share, as issuers also can get distribution and marketing fee. It can be said that already have tried to original of the cake.

Gravity television investment limited Deputy President Geng Yuejin do has more than 20 years of issued work, he think, "Dang electric business only optimization channel Shi, they is in for whole movie industry do value-added service, and Dang electric business involved Shang downstream industry Shi, itself also didn't can provides above hospital line by provides service of value, natural also on has has is will cake big, also is cut off originally cake in the more big a of dispute. "

Others have declined to release those, in order to increase their participation in the first three days of chip, sell much of their cheap tickets through the meeting. General electrical contractor involved in the project is itself a commercial film with a certain look, or even a fan film. On one hand, in the audience will buy tickets three days before, a large part of the target audience, even lower fares would buy tickets to watch the other hand, some art films that don't look, was a narrow sales space will be further squeezed. For example, 51, schedule, Wang Xiaoshuai Director after the intruder released less than 1.5% of chip, who respect themselves in unfair competition, saying it was "an advance information of murder".

Premiere of the intruder first day chip 1.57%.

Therefore, the Manager proposal also declined to be named, if ticket sites, as they are foreign to preach it, tremendous impact on movie marketing, marketing effective about a film project, you can try a number of relatively good quality, but audiences less literary film marketing, or even "guidance chip." "But now, they may be more of a force is on those who can give them maximum brings traffic on a commercial. Obvious reason is that everyone wants to get the most benefit for e-commerce, and which include clicks, import flows and other benefits. "

As a big selling point is that while in the upstream data at the disposal of the platform, many dealers have said, not only is the ticketing platform, interactive media platform, is based on movie marketing and distribution of mobile social networking company. Specific titles are different, but along the line, is electricity supplier considers that they can use the large amount of user data for a movie from content to production to distribution to theaters each link provides reference and basis to enhance and promote the operational efficiency of the industry.

But this is not all filmmakers will agree.

Cultural commentator Han Haoyue recently wrote, "says in the film industry of the Internet, with a gesture of conquest. Resource shares to platforms to publicize the show opportunities for gaining access to lists of producers, with deep pockets pose directly involved in investment, Internet companies are gradually eroding the traditional movie companies say ... ... When movies stated that General or local when using Internet thinking to creative, production, then basically ran it considered to be trash ... ... "

Movie industry research firm video research director Wang Shu customers believe that e-commerce platform data need to be reasonable, and to produce the value. "E-commerce sale of platform tickets link to meet audience demand for low prices and convenience, so e-commerce platform business model to bring promotional nature, so users can follow the price run, with promotions running. Based on this relatively stable market data analysis, you need to segment data because of platforms as a result of their promotional pollution. Cinema, after all, is the offline consumption, audiences eventually satisfied, still depends on the theater's services, and movie content is good or not. Transaction data not only from the ticket link to do the analysis, prone to errors, think that marketing is everything, while ignoring the nature of movie consumption characteristics. "

Gene has the Internet e-commerce enterprises, dabbling in online election ticket business was focused on a movie ticket, a high frequency of consumer goods, can bring more traffic to the platform, while the flow there is a lot of profit. But for the film industry, electrical contractor into a somewhat disturbed condition, sense of crisis even sooner or later will be snatching their rice bowls.

Electrical contractor is aware of this from the upstream and downstream of a "hostile" and trying to mend ties.

Between the merchant and the upstream, on the one hand, through capital injections or acquisitions to achieve win-win situation. Wholly-owned Baidu to buy rice network, for example, shell shares huace film and television last year, stellar again this year to HK $ 150 million stake in the film enterprise holdings. For example, huayi brothers acquired the popular network; network media will acquire network; Yu Dong, President of bona also recently disclosed plans to invest or merge one or two online ticket sales companies. But conventional pictures and say "big data" in fusion, the Internet company is complementary or mutually exclusive, how long does it take a break-in remains to be seen.

The other hand, the e-commerce platform resources for capital involved in film production, distribution. However, where a shadow investigation account director Wang Shu's consider it sustainable space is very limited, "in the user's Guide on a single film, is in fact using the audience's trust in the e-commerce platform, giving film gains should far outweigh the benefits of e-commerce platform itself. If this frequency is too high, will destroy Viewer trust and dependency on the platform. "

And electric business and downstream Zhijian, while, for theater is heavy assets, input huge, electric business does not has injection "assets link type hospital line" of strength, or is get this strong hospital line of investment, for example micro-shadow get has million up of injection; or shares "tablets source link type" hospital line, for example, Baidu shares of Star Beauty holding also has more than 100 more than theater.

The other hand, on the platform, are also trying to put more space delivered benefits to cinemas and theaters. For example Baidu glutinous rice for cinema members to minimize the issue, with some theatrical launch joint membership, reduced Theater O2O Live services platform junction between cycles. For example, lithography to the cinema or theater app for entrance to the public, set up "smart theater" platform, cinema independent ticketing, and have access to membership of consumption, reduce the theater's reliance on third-party ticketing platform, and to keep members of this private plots.

First half of the year, box office receipts in China increased by 50% in addition to the increased number of theater screens, the movie source increase, it is undeniable that the incremental contribution of the market for the film. But tickets as a service to the audience of a single link, ostensibly deal sizes increasing, is actually being diverted by upstream and downstream industry chain, and the electrical contractor operating pattern is similar, in order to achieve greater market share, can only be a better ticketing experience, lower transaction prices.

From the concept of think tank's analysis shows, the current domestic market nearly 40 online ticket provider, while no more than 10 seats more than 300 million Yuan, market concentration is low, is still in the savage competition stage.

The future, the online ticketing site is a subversive group of others or being annexed into the upstream and downstream enterprises, or there might be another way to buy tickets is replaced from the current competition situation, there is hardly an optimistic expectations.

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