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Confirmed making Jing an district, Shanghai zhabei two merger plans or drop

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Today, Word spread around the Shanghai zhabei finally received official word of the merger of the two areas. Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government official Micro-Blog "published in Shanghai" on September 7, said publishing received the media today about the zhabei district, Shanghai Jing an administrative division adjustment inquiries, verify with the relevant parties understand, zhabei district, Jing an district, "removed the second built a" brewing and listen to their views in the course of work.

This was officially confirmed for the first time in Shanghai about the progress of the merger of the two areas. The last six years, Shanghai Pudong and Nanhui completed merger, Huangpu and Luwan merged two "removed the second built a" project, in accordance with the "simplification, unification and efficiency" principle of adjustment of administrative division.

The "removed the second built a" relates to Jing an district, Shanghai is the smallest area of downtown, the region's total area of 7.62 square kilometres, and a population of approximately 330,000 people. Jing an district economy is well developed. Historically, the Jingan Temple Jing an Temple in the territory, became the center of Shanghai Foreign Exchange window. Now, Jing an district, Shanghai modern commerce is one of the most developed districts. In 2014, the proportion of commercial circulation tax total tax 37.35%.

Jing an district, Shanghai high-end brands is one of the most concentrated areas. By the end of 2013, along Nanjing collection brand at home and abroad, over more than 1500 international brands over more than 900 of them, top international brands, and 95. In addition, Jing an district also has a number of major streets. Wujiang Road Leisure Street 2012 was named "China commercial features Street"; Shaanxi North Road old a article Street, concentrated has Chinese old and the independent brand more than 20 more than, 2009 was China commercial Federation old work Committee named "Chinese old Shanghai first street"; Westgate square, and CITIC Thai rich square, and constant long square, and JIU Guang department store, and gold Eagle shopping square five big Mall has became high-end commercial of representative.

In recent years, Jingan district in professional services, cultural and creative industries and financial sector development in such areas are worth noting.

Professional services is a Jing ' an to create international business industries in Hong Kong, is docked in Shanghai "four" important in the construction of. At present, in the district gathered at KPMG, Roland Berger Strategy consultants, Guoco, Fonda, a large number of legal services, accounting, auditing, business consulting, investment management and other professional services to enterprises at home and abroad, formed the Highlands. In 2014, the professional services tax total tax share of 20.57%.

Cultural and creative industry begins to take shape, the initial formation of fashion brands at home and abroad, research and development design, display, fashion and creative industries such as publishing agglomeration effects. Shanghai Weihai road, Wen Xin the two media groups, also continue to attract multinational media and advertising companies. In 2014, the cultural and creative industries account for the region's proportion of tax 9.97%.

Jing ' an district, while gathering the guotai Junan securities, Everbright securities, dozens of security companies and business, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and other investment companies for adjusting the industry structure, enhance the ability for guarding against risks, actively exploring the development of new financial industry in recent years, and introduced Christie, sea state, Chinese Star City, expanding the city's overseas investment (Shanghai first QDLP enterprises) and other innovative financial institutions. 2014 finance tax total tax share of 12.62%.

And Jing ' an district, the development focus and different characteristics, zhabei district, Shanghai's traffic, transport and logistics services industry is developed.

Northern zhabei is located in the central area of Shanghai, and Jing ' an district, bordered to the North, 29.19 square kilometers of the total area. Until the end of 2013, the region's resident population of 847,300 people, including foreign resident population of 210100 people.

Zhabei term from the Suzhou River (Wusong River) on the two locks. 14 years of Kangxi in the Qing dynasty (1675) current Fujian road bridge on Wusong River near built a sluice, which later became called the old gate. 13 years of Yongzheng (1735), in the old sluice gold Bay three miles away to the West (now near Xinzha road and bridge) and built a sluice, called new river. Jiaqing Wusong River aboard boats, trade flourishes, form around the old gate and new gate two bazaars, new market for the Wusong River downstream of the main ships ship shipping to, set on the ship, the iron shops and commercial establishments, the market more quickly, Bazaar near the North Bank of the Wusong area mostly fields. After the opening of Shanghai, old and new brakes, brake began development on the north side, name of Zha bei began to appear. Confirmed making Jing an district, Shanghai zhabei two merger plans or drop a child

Because of this, historically been Shanghai, zhabei district, highway, connecting Shanghai and Jiangsu's population and trade. At present, there are northern suburbs of Shanghai railway station, railway station in zhabei district, two major railway hubs.

But on the other hand, zhabei is also facing many development problems.

Frequently, complex population flows, and frequently become offensive and defensive fortifications during the war, zhabei district, Shanghai, became the "Kingdom of shacks". Into the 1990 's, with the acceleration of urban renewal in Shanghai, zhabei "Kingdom of shacks" profile has changed, but a large number of squatters still, also known as Shanghai zhabei "bucket" economic development model in a short plank.

The tenth year after the 21st century, zhabei district development strategy is focusing on development of "North and South high school complex industry". "High" is according to the "South reflects the high-end luxury" requirement focus Creek Bay development, urban regeneration and the West to the East of repair paths, creating veritable new landmark of the city of Shanghai. "Fan" is according to "reflect the prosperity of central downtown" requirements, build a prosperous business, a beautiful ecological environment, recreation and elegance of the large urban complexes. "North", is in accordance with the "embodied in the northern industrial support" requirements, creating an important base of high-tech industry, Shanghai transformation model window. Zhabei district's economic and social development have made remarkable achievements. The future, zhabei district urban construction and operation will continue in an orderly fashion, urban eco-environment and the social security system will be improved and perfected.

Transformation of old urban areas, zhabei in recent years have completed renewal in North square of Shanghai railway station area, East of second phase of the implementation of pilot projects to the old new deal a success. Five years down the floor space of 636,800 square meters, in which secondary GFA of approximately 467,600 square meters in the old, 48 bases to achieve closure, 20831 households benefited. Smooth progress of infrastructure construction. Shanghai Railway Station North Plaza comprehensive transportation hub built, North Square area's environment has changed fundamentally. Built Central gonghexin road hutai road, Central, comprehensive passenger transport hub, improve traffic organization in the North. Complete the North Henan road, Canton and Western road and zhongxing Road West section and a number of road projects.

In 2011, the producer services in zhabei district, business, business services, transportation and logistics services, real estate construction for district-level tax 5.064 billion yuan, district-level fiscal income reached 84.4% per cent. Investment results. Five years to introduce domestic 41.819 billion yuan, representing an annual growth of 19.3% total introduction of contractual foreign funds of $ 2.348 billion, representing an annual growth of 14.6%. Introduction of Kohler, Murata, TESCO, regional headquarters for multinational companies such as Vale, accredited regional headquarters reached 13.

Prior to this, Jing an, zhabei, merger of the two areas is always a sensitive topic. An important reason is that two areas in education resources distribution varies, which will directly affect the price action of the part of the school district.

Jingan district basic education establishments less, but well-known high school content, excellent geographical location, limited area school district and school effects make Jing an district prices for many years in the city to new heights. Zhabei district, population, schools, but relatively few well-known schools, "education to combat desertification," said district housing prices compared with Jing ' an district, was acceptable.

Prior to this, Jing an District Government has conducted on the real estate speculation and rumor.

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