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Promotion June: the new public welfare recipients become poor from a mere potential

Promotion June

In recent decades, a "new public service" business in the United States grew rapidly and this "new public service" core content is based on the market model to do public service, public service is not only free of donation, or it can be a for-profit business. Its target audience is also vulnerable, but not as a simple poor people, to be donors, but a potential business partner.

Well-known scholars, international politics and United States research scientist promotion June, the "new public service" from the traditional "give a man a fish" to "teach a man to fish", then to "changes in fisheries ecology", through the improvement of the socio-economic environment, enhance the ability of low-income groups to create wealth.

On September 9, the promotion June carrying the responsibilities of wealth and the evolution of capitalism: the United States Centennial visit public revelation of the development of financial Museum, United States of "new public service" career analysis and its reference significance to China's future development.

United States of "new public service"

"The United States is declining," the problem Middle June that answers index has two: one is the natural flow of the talents of the world still is to the United States; the other is United States social elite will realize that the ills of society, and profoundly improved. From the 80 's of last century since the development of "new public service", is the United States an important improvement.

What is called "new public service"? To sum it up, past public service is considered to be pure and free of donation, which donated the money, non profit, then do some things that benefit the community, or poverty, or environmental protection. "New public service" feel that is not enough, to use market mechanisms to profit and non-profit to put together in order to make the public welfare company approach. "But all together. Pay with money, powerful output, the wisdom of the wise, and will teach you how to manage the management of, this is a very large complex. Everyone can do their own thing, its innovation system is very strong. "

In Middle June opinion, United States "new public service" social significance to reform capitalism, "they (the United States) social capital is the most powerful. Capital can do a lot of good things, but if capital does not regulate, it will wreak havoc, there are many big problems, bubbles and crises. "

In widening the circumstances, pyramid 1% who did not lead a better life. "Because there is no purchasing power of society as a whole, a few rich luxuries and mansions are not enough to support the market. "How to accomplish common prosperity of society and common prosperity, enhancing their overall purchasing power? Promotion June believes that this does not mean that the rich take out money to the poor, but "the first turning the poor into consumers; second poor entrepreneurs". Lower the threshold when the capitalists, more people to be entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs.

"We often think that vested interests are not modified. But in fact, they are acutely aware of the social crisis and urgent social need to be modified. "Middle June, United States elite consider long-term plans of" intergenerational equity ", that is, they are aware of" second generation "opportunities cannot forever than" poor second-generation "much or creating a vicious circle. Improved way is "new public service". This new public service enterprise and the market, instead of free donation way to do. "Public good can make money and profit, this is a great deal of reform. However, there must be a lot of rules, certification and standards. Is not a simple one word ' can both make money and charity ' must not be interpreted. "

Meanwhile, unpaid donation charity Middle June does not deny that, and said such welfare is necessary. "As part of the new public service is by donation, such as Bill Gates ' Foundation to invest into a social enterprise, does not make the companies money within three years. The investee enterprise should go to make money, their blood, their circulation. But the first donation is necessary. "

"New public service" in China will not agreeing with? Promotion June: the new public welfare recipients become poor from a mere potential business partners

"New public service" in China will be the development? Promotion June said China will soon be able to introduce foreign things, she also discovered that many newspapers are referring to ventures public, creating the room. "My fear is not in accordance with strict specifications to do this thing. One of the things it is not so easy. United States has a very mature civil society, there are very strict laws. "

Promotion June mention many private entrepreneurs in China are willing to do public service, it also has accumulated a lot of wealth, but it must be noted that public good has several features. Is civil in nature; the second is voluntary; the third is autonomous, that is, people who donate money to see its effect, rather than not knowing what had the money to do it.

Promotion June admitted, the Chinese public is also a habitual thinking, that is, who have to donate the money. "Who you go to and what to do, what, he doesn't care, anyway, you will do. How much did he pay attention only to what people donate money, do not pay attention to the money where to go, and what its effects are. "

And it seems to the majority of the Chinese public, nonprofit staff are volunteers. "Do not think that public organizations are not paid. Charity in our country there is a lot of misunderstanding, that everyone should be selfless, who take out money to everyone. "Middle June explained that as complex social organizations and enterprises, the high quality of the staff. Therefore, the social welfare organizations should be paid, staff members should be full-time, rather than all my spare time just a few hours.

"True charity is to provide employment opportunities. United States NGO organizations have a large part of the place of employment. Our Foundation and regulations mentioned in the only 10% of the funds can be used to cover administrative expenses, and that's not going to work. The result is that many people use a different approach to reimbursement, this is forcing tamper-resistant. "

Middle June with emotion, she hoped that people can recognize today's society is undergoing profound and significant changes. "China will have to import the world's development. "She said," the new philanthropy is not charity, it is represents the trend of social development, and occupying the commanding heights of the deep consciousness of the elite. "

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