Friday, September 11, 2015

Steal toilet seats to get a condom not only Chinese tourists to promote Okamoto

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Owns a condom brand Okamoto of Japan enterprises Okamoto Corporation (Okamoto Industries,Inc.) has recently become the focus of global investors.

The past two months, Okamoto in a volatile global market rally in the capital markets. On September 1, when Japanese stocks, Okamoto Corporation (5112. T) shares in at 1116 yen, a 22-year high, could fetch more than $ 1 billion-a-year, the stock prices of only 407 yen.

United Kingdom report in the financial times analysis, Okamoto behind the firm's share price, Chinese consumers are undeniable.

Okamoto Corporation was founded in 1934, is headquartered in Tokyo, in 1949 in the Japanese stock market. Decades, Okamoto condoms in Japan sales have been on top of the market, market share of 65%. The company has a world-class materials technology, in addition to condoms, businesses involving agriculture, industry and domestic use of film and tape, and so on. In 1969, Okamoto developed the wall only 0.03 mm of condoms, to be the thinnest in the world. Since then, Okamoto innovation, introduced a 002 and 001 thin condoms, 003 remains Okamoto's best-selling products. Steal toilet seats to get a condom not only Chinese tourists to promote Okamoto shares a record

However, Japan's population aging faster ranks first in the world, is one of the least active sex life. And Japan TV advertising rules strictly, Okamoto has known as the "world's thinnest" pride technologies, is struggling in the domestic market. In the past decade, Japan around the drug store condoms in reducing shelf space at an annual rate of 5%.

Okamoto, President of Okamoto Liang XING (Yoshiyuki Okamoto) tries to turn social network advertising and online sales, in order to avoid Japan embarrassment of consumers when buying condoms. But to his surprise is that their products to Chinese consumers, "Japan explosion" near the top in the list of popular goods.

"Slim" as a selling point of the Okamoto landed in China market, although the price is higher than the same products, but have been popular. For Chinese tourists, Japan purchased Okamoto is not only affordable, convenient to carry, avoiding fakes that you may encounter problems in the country.

First half of 2015, Chinese tourists to Japan reached 2.8 million passengers, an increase of 114%. 1/4 of China's total number of tourists travel to Japan over Korea and Taiwan, Japan largest sources of inbound tourists.

"Abe economics" (Abenomics) of the low exchange rate and let Chinese tourists in Japan spree when more ostentatious. Japan shops selling goods on "burst", highlighting its sales hot. Many popular shopping and duty-free shops are proficient in Chinese sales personnel were recruited.

The size of the Chinese market is huge and Okamoto sees opportunity in consumer demand. This year, the companies investing in Guangdong, China factory has been built, is about to go into production next year, to provide products at more competitive prices.

However, Okamoto good but didn't know for sure about the future, he told the press that, "I don't know labeled ' made in China ', Chinese consumers ' purchasing desire will not rise. I also worry that Chinese visitors to Japan shopping passion will subside in the future. "

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