Saturday, September 19, 2015

Samsung Madness Galaxy S7 is expected to adopt the full metal body

Starting from Galaxy S6, Samsung has finally abandoned thousands of plastic design, recently several flagship of high esteem. According to a new report shows that Samsung has the potential to make still further progress further, Galaxy S7 is equipped with magnesium alloy all-metal fuselage.

Report says Galaxy S7 is not like Galaxy S6 after selecting a metal frame and glass cover structure, all-metal design. And Samsung have recently started to receive samples of magnesium alloy casing and provide samples of the company is provided to Galaxy S6 aluminum frame that company.

Although lighter than aluminum magnesium alloys, use made of magnesium alloy mobile phone will certainly become much lighter and thinner, but Samsung has to solve the problem of phone's durability and resistance.

According to previous news, Galaxy S7 will be operative in January 2016, is expected to be released in late February. In the battle against Apple, Samsung is also hard. After 6 years Apple mouse and keyboard will be

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