Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" United States Griffin, Helo TC Super Mini remote

Helicopter operated by mobile phone! Supports the accelerometer and gyroscope control!

United States technology company Griffin Technology development of the Super Mini r/c helicopter Helo TC, at Macworld in 2011 in order to be extremely exquisite design and the speed of response, as well as leading the accelerometer and gyroscope mode of operation in the industry, top ten Apple accessories honors received.

Helo TC United States bird strike aircraft prototype, is a remote control helicopter with double rotors, please before you use your phone or Tablet Helo TC application is installed on, and then plug the console mobile phone or tablet in the headphone jack of your mobile device into a remote control. Support iPhone,iPod touch,iPad and Android smart phones. Uses infrared technology to control, using a touch-screen operation, combined with the accelerometer and gyroscope tilt of the device itself or to control the aircraft.

Helicopter built a 180mAh battery through USB to take power (computer or adapter, the product does not contain). Connect with your mobile device remote requires four AAA batteries before you can use your own. Packaging has a remote control called the Flight Deck, combined with cell phones or tablet computers, two hard rubber used to fix your device, via a headphone connection.

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"Product features"

☆ Can be manipulated with his mobile phone, support for Android and the iPhone mobile phone Apple bumper

☆ Support gravity induction Accelerator and mobile phone comes with gyroscope

☆ Double rotor, super flexible

☆ Metal frame fuselage

Luxury Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Bling Metal iPhone 5 Bumper

☆ Excellent toughness of rotor

☆ Attached to a rotor replacement

☆ Through USB for charging the helicopter

"Product information"

Name: Helo TC Super Mini remote control helicopter

Property: original authentic

Brand: United States Griffin

Origin: China

Size: 4.3*19*10.1cm packing size: 8*18*24cm bumper iPhone

Weight: 43 g; packing weight: 245 g

Material: metal frame, plastic

Includes: helicopter * 1 * 1, remote control, USB charging cable *1 (without charger), attached to rotors *1

Packaging: elegant window gift box

Charging: via USB port to charge aircraft (note that remote control does not charge to aircraft), full takes about 35 minutes, 10-20 minutes of flight. Remote control within your own 4 AAA batteries

Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

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