Monday, September 21, 2015

Calculator has a flagship New Casio 1434

Casio mentioned what do you think of iconic products? Self portrait artifact, G-shock is an electronic dictionary? Oh, and don't forget the calculator! Vintage calculator has now been replaced with a more powerful Smartphone, but Casio does not seem to think so. Recently, with 50 years of production history of Casio calculator launched the flagship calculator a S100, and it costs up to 27000 yen (about 1434), described as nobles in the calculator!

It is worth mentioning that, despite its expensive, the S100 in function and other common computer and there is no significant difference, you can't use it to connect Wi-Fi application could not be installed, so your on your "feelings". It is learnt that the S100 fuselage built by aluminum alloy, weighs up to 250g, and its high contrast FSTN LCD screen is covered by a layer of reflective coating on both sides can greatly weaken interfere with sight to the reflective, making it easier for digital identification. Dell Precision M3800 4K screen mobile workstations

Not only that, but rather hard on a Casio S100 button design. Each keystroke using the industry's first v-independent transmission structure, guarantee durability, while also taking into account the thickness and texture of the fuselage, the keycap is manufactured directly by the two-color molding, and avoid the wear of traditional printing press, greatly improves the durability of key caps. In addition, the S100 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and two sets of solar cell power supply system, a piece of CR2025 button battery can provide up to 7 years of use. It is reported that S100 is expected to be released officially on September 30 this year, and the annual output is expected to only 5000 units.

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