Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zero fee tours tour in Shaanxi 43 people in Hong Kong were closed for 3 hours

Xianyang Faw trade Corporation Member "free tours" tour Hong Kong and Macao suffered forced consumption.

For customer feedback, xianyang Faw trade company as Hong Kong and Macao tour customer organizations, linked to xianyang after international travel service, line 43 17th sat flight departed on xianyang. However, these travelers are mandatory in 19th consumption, "after we were guided into a jewelry store, the door will shut down until 3 hours later, we all bought something only to leave. "

After Hong Kong was "spell" was pulled to the jewelry shop forced consumption

Yesterday at about 9 o'clock in the morning, at the Xian xianyang International Airport Terminal T3, a group of visitors around a travel agent who came to pick up staff, emotionally beg said.

These visitors is just was organization Hong Kong and Macao tour Hou returns Shaanxi of, according to which a name visitors told, they September 17 from xianyang starting, by xianyang international travel agency seven factory cross sales of guide with mission to Hong Kong, again to Macau last return, "but arrived in Hong Kong Hou, 19th, guide with we to has a home jewelry shop, we in there was forced consumption, everyone are buy has things. "

Visitor Ms Tao, the Hong Kong and Macao tour was of xianyang, an auto trade company organizations, participants are the company's customers, "auto trade company has a car club, the organized tour Hong Kong and Macao, because of zero-fee tours were, many members took part, with more than 40 people. "Another visitor Bull said that after their arrival in Hong Kong, xianyang Guide contacted a local guide for docking, after they and other tourists were again arranged by the mission together, a lot of friends that were separated. "Compulsory consumption at the time of the incident there were two mission, our mission as well as Gansu province, xianyang, XI ' an and tourists. "

Stranded in jewelry stores for about 3 hours at night being detained by the tour guide card harassment

Another visitor said recalled the incident scene, initially normal, but a pedestrian on a guided tour of 19th into a jewelry shop, "I see they had shut the gate, just doesn't feel right. "The door is closed, the guide requires the presence of passengers must be for consumption in jewelry stores. Mr LAU said, "I bought more than 4,000 yuan of goods, are forced, tour guides say it's hard to, if you don't buy a guide would not let go. "

Cattle ladies said, that home jewelry shop is big, like is just decoration good of, guide told everyone must purchase commodity Hou, became by passenger itself in shop within purchase, "but in this during, door has been is close of, buy has things of visitors was arrangements station to side, didn't buy of to continues to to purchase, has been continued has about 3 hours, they think we purchase of commodity enough more of when, only will we put has out. But in the meantime we are very reluctant tour guide looked very unhappy. " Breaking News

Another tourist said after arriving at the hotel that night, due to unpleasant when shopping during the day, guides refused to provide rooms and everyone can't go into the room, "tour guide even said, let us go to the homeless on the streets of Hong Kong, we got late into the room to rest. "

Travel agencies respond that forced consumption of local tour guides

Yesterday morning, at the airport site, auto trade, a principal of the company, the Hong Kong and Macao tour is the company for customer feedback specifically organized, altogether 43 customer involvement, "we just reached a verbal agreement with travel agencies, originally intended to subsequently enter into a written contract, as occurred during the unhappy contract has not been signed. But initially made the request, must not be forced consumption. "

Xianyang international travel service Office a staff member said of the seven cross, which force the consumer travel agents do not have similar arrangements, passengers need to so-called zero-fee tours, "initially agreed, travellers of the voluntary, if consumption is good, tours and even if consumption is not significant, the related to fees paid by auto trade. "

The official said: "compulsory consumption is a local tour guides arrangements in Hong Kong, after the incidents, we get in touch with our tour guide, and for every 100 Yuan of the local guides are packed, to avoid the trip after facing a similar situation. "Head of China business news journalists hope that the Hong Kong Guide contact information, verify passed, was rejected. However, the official said, has reached a consensus with Hong Kong, the statistical shopping, collecting visitor invoice, ready to return.

In this regard, the Brigade, xianyang City Council inspection team staff said the 21st received complaints from auto trade company, has now inform each other, make submissions and evidence, "If that is the case, the audit team will first of all inform the parties accept mediation, if mediation fails, they suggest both legal procedures to solve the problem. "

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