Monday, September 21, 2015

Luxury outlets also will continue to slow growth this year is not a panacea

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China's slowing economy, devaluation, dollar, luxury big encounter these difficulties psychologically are ready to meet the challenges after preparation. Bain management consulting firm predicted sales growth this year will again be lower single digits, cannot escape the negative growth of the Chinese market, likely between 2-4%. Depending on the sport you might want to hit 400

From 2009 to 2012 luxury fast-growing days are gone, but should be, discount and second-hand market can keep upward momentum.

On September 11, the United States second-hand clothes trade thredUp completed e round of funding, amounting to us $ 81 million (about 510 million yuan), the lead investor as Goldman Sachs. Just two months ago, RealReal luxury boutique department store Neiman Marcus announced hosting company and cooperation, providing personal service, and in the form of rebates to sell each customer a Neiman Marcus gift card.

Meanwhile, the high-end retailer Nordstrom continues to expand the discount store layout, America now has 183 discount stores (Nordstrom Rack). Journal of retail Sourcing, founder of the Journal aidehua·heziman (Edward Hertzman), important sources of cash discount stores are Nordstrom and discount stores with the company's main customer overlap for high-end department stores only 10%-20%, had not affected business, also expand more consumer groups.

Bain expects luxury discount market overall revenue of 30%. Consumers turning to discount goods has become a reality. Bain issued by 2014 China luxury market at the end of last year mentioned in the study, overseas purchases and shopping is increasingly becoming the luxury consumption of Chinese mainland consumers new choices, while village is almost essential for each outbound trips at a discount.

However, the discount store this play does not necessarily apply to all premium brands and retailers. Luxury market-analysis firm Unity Marketing's founder Pam Danziger said: "look at the Coach will know. "

In order to get out of the dark cloud of the financial crisis in 2008, launched Coach outlet (or the more familiar name of "factory store"). By June 2013, the total of 351 regular price stores in North America and 193 outlets. Brand expectations, like department store: attractive to regular-priced purchase of the consumers. However, then the problem is a brand is diluted.

From 2014, the Coach to address the excessive discount store brand image and Logo bags thrown down the problem, opening the transition mode. Coach stronghold-and North America, the company closed a large number of poor performance at full price stores and discount stores, the beginning of 2015 has already been 69 stores closed.

Claudia D'Arpizio, Bain luxury analysis Director, brand postures, which way to take-off sale is crucial, for example, Chinese consumers for the brand is very inconsistent season promotion held.

Gucci, and Prada, Burberry, China, in May this year set off the crazy discount season attracted long queues of consumers. After many people swept home the goods, discovered a problem in the brain: so easy, is regarded as luxuries for you?

Despite the discounted prices of commodities more public favor, brings economic benefits should not be underestimated, but the opposite of them lie in itself should not be ignored. Exploratory Philadelphia columnist Daren Heller wrote: "those (outlet, Outlet) clothing, sorting by price, being the point repeatedly, and before the show exactly the opposite way, their attractive force is decaying, even third-rate products price on sale. "

Want with discounts out of slow development, does not seem to work.

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