Thursday, September 24, 2015

UPS Express service to 13 cities in China by 2 days

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On September 24, the logistics giant UPS (UPS courier service company) announced that the 13 are mainly located in China's Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, as well as of two or three-tier cities such as Chongqing business upgrade, upgrade, its exposure to Asia-Europe and major markets in North America and export cargo up to 2 days.

In addition, in the course of carriage of goods, the owner can also use the UPS has its own tracking solution in order to keep track of status, of the above services are not open to two or three tier enterprises. UPS China express and Vice President of air operations to the interface kuangguolong reporters, many small and medium enterprises are located in this city, which has a great demand on import and export logistics, with the transformation of enterprises, these companies more inclined to take a customer-centric business model and attempts to create their own brands abroad. Therefore, they need a more reliable logistics support.

To this end, according to different customers, UPS will provide different logistics solutions. For example, in the retail industry, many small and medium enterprises in China for foreign brands OEM. With the development of the Internet, foreign brand goods replacement prescription requirements are very high, and UPS based on these brand prescription demand for goods abroad, providing supply chain related to the timeliness of delivery, such as when to use cost-saving shipping, when you need to quickly by air, helping to raise domestic small and medium producers and foreign brands of the entire logistics operation efficiency. Uber Uber Chengdu China began to crack down on

"China's market is one of the UPS investment in five major markets. "Said Richard Loi, President of UPS China. Next, the upgrade plan will also other 8 Chinese cities, until the end of this year, up to 21 cities.

Currently, UPS has two hubs in China, one is located in Shanghai's international hub, and the other is Asia-Pacific transshipment center in Shenzhen. Each week connecting China and the United States, Europe and other international and regional flights of up to 166 flights.

Despite holding multiple City Express operating licence, but representatives of foreign logistics enterprises on the UPS and have not engaged in domestic express market in the fight, but located in the integrated logistics service provider.

UPS, for example, its business in China can be divided into three segments: small parcel (Express), contract logistics and freight forwarding. Moreover, in addition to the traditional air and sea services, UPS also introduced multimodal transportation services, central freight, for example, after following the July 2014 to provide central railway container transport, UPS introduced priority now LCL Service.

Data show that compared to traditional single air freight, FCL shipping cost of railway transportation can help companies save 65%; for a single shipping, full container rail transport 40% transit time can be saved.

UPS China district freight agent business Deputy President Zhao Li said, used UPS central railway freight service of customer main from car and the industrial manufacturing, and hi-tech and the consumer industry, despite "spell box freight service" need spell goods, and split box, link, may extended service process, but this on goods volume requirements more flexible, more can meet SMEs main of for transit time and cost of effective balance.

In July this year, FedEx also announced a raise in 7 cities, including Dalian, Yantai, Weihai and Jinan, Zibo, Zhengzhou and Chongqing international express services, service promotions, customers from these cities were exported to the Americas, Europe and other countries and regions of the world cargo transit time, shorten one or two working days than in the past.

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