Friday, September 11, 2015

Drops changed its name to become one-stop travel platform

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On September 4, on the line "goodbye by taxi to the last drop" posters and finally answer.

On September 9, the third anniversary of its establishment in took a taxi to the last drop, took a taxi to the last drop officially announced a new brand name and logo. "Take a taxi to the last drop" was renamed as "drops", and opening of the new orange capital letter d Logo--a reverse.

Drop the new logo

New Logo drops of color continues drops the brand colors of Orange, will drop the first letter d abstract design. Symbolizing the smile on the one hand, but also abstract depicts the image of the road on behalf of drop industry. Drops says Logo on the upper right corner of the gap, saying that "pursuit of perfection always feel almost, quest is a bit short on the user experience."

Brand new release means that drops the official upgrade to a one-stop mobile travel platform. Drop platform is covered by taxi, car, train, car, bus, driving and many other businesses, drops, the next six months will launch at least 1-2 new business, as well as a range of new features. "Drops of to do is to move a comprehensive portal, and life-O2O Super App. "Drops fast said.

Drops also released a new version of "drop" App, will open in 19:09 P.M. Update download. Previously drip drop App taxi, limousine, car and other businesses line entrance in the bottom of the page, above the new version of the App, change the entry in into navigation forms to facilitate the increase in new business. Drops of travel will also be based on user behavior to common business personalized to display, car owners have to enter your origin, destination, looking for the way passengers.

Drops to taxi businesses started, will the name change after speculation the drops will no longer pay attention to the taxi business. Drops, officials said up to now has 1.35 million taxi drivers users lives of taxis will continue to be important in the future, and will continue to develop a taxi business to the last drop.

Liu Qing, President of drops on September 7 in the "2015 new network Business Summit" speech, said taxi orders drop platform currently amount up to 3 million per day, total order size is 38 million of the taxi industry, changes in Internet on the taxi industry has only just begun.

Liu also said the drop is showing the construction of one-stop Platform scale. As passengers on the platform and orders growth, driver rate and revenue will grow, while reducing passenger wait times and a single trip costs. Form normal circulation will help improve driver efficiency and capacity as well as a variety of service supply, thus further reducing passenger wait times and costs. Drops changed its name to become one-stop travel platform

Liu believes that platform business model will produce synergies, to offer passengers a variety of solutions, shorter wait times and lower costs, ensure a high retention rate of passengers. For drivers, the platform provides a cross-business transformation options available to passengers of their high viscosity and high income.

In July this year, finished to the last drop of $ 2 billion of financing, this round of financing at the time there were still hundreds of millions of dollars in the remaining lines. On September 7, Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the news that the drops are nearing completion of the round, this raised close to us $ 3 billion (about 19.1 billion yuan). According to the people familiar with the matter said, drops in the latest round of financing valued at $ 16.5 billion (about 105.047 billion yuan), but drop quickly declined to comment on the financial status of the company.

According to post data to the last drop, the drops daily to achieve 3 million orders for taxi, car of more than 3 million orders, peak tailwind 2.23 million order, covering more than 360 cities in China. Taxi driver 1.35 million, 2 million car drivers, car drivers drivers 1 million and 4.6 million.

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