Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ma Seattle speech open dream here 20 years ago Mr XI speech excited me

Local time on September 23, United States on a State visit to China XI Jinping to attend the Sino-American entrepreneur Forum.

Seminar by CCPIT President Jiang zengwei and United States former Secretary Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary, Paulson's Fund President, Sino-US 30 business leaders, including Alibaba's Jack Ma, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 15 Chinese entrepreneurs.

Following is a speech at the meeting on the day of the MA:

Dear Mr XI, chairwoman, Paulson, President, all peers in the business community.

Very honored to participate in today's meeting.

Last night I had a "Seattle sleepless night." For 20 years, 20 years ago when I was a teacher, the first United States came to Seattle. In an office building in the city centre, using computers for the first time in my life, Internet access for the first time, discovered that almost no Chinese information on the Internet. Feel the great charm of the Internet at the same time, I also see a market opportunity which. After returning home, I borrowed 20,000 yuan to start a business, until now.

43 years ago, Nixon's visit to my hometown of Hangzhou. Hangzhou came many foreign tourists at that time, I was in junior high school, but Chinese teachers of English is our guest. Stick to give free guided tours for foreign visitors at the entrance to the hotel to practice English after 9 years, I not only have some language skills, a better understanding of the United States culture. Today, there is no normalization of Sino-US, did not open, there is unlikely to be Alibaba now.

Both of these events changed my personal fate, with friendly cooperation between China and inseparable.

It can be said that Seattle is where my entrepreneurial dreams start, the Internet has inspired me, 20 years in China's insistence, our dream will come true. Chinese say the Chinese dream, says Americans United States dreams, in fact, essentially China and United States dreams, is the pursuit of a better life, the pursuit of healthier, happier and happier.

Therefore, I believe that as long as the two sides could cooperate in good faith and reach a new type of relations, Chinese and American people will have more and better United States dream, Chinese dream and dreams of the world.

Just now, many Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs are referred to, we are all beneficiaries of the Sino-US friendship and cooperation. Just because we hope and confidence to participate in China's reform and opening up of the markets, only today we have. Of course, Chinese and American entrepreneurs who actively build and promote friendship and cooperation between China and no entrepreneurial endeavor, it is difficult to imagine today that between China and great results.

China and the United States also has a lot of different, precisely because both, have the same, so that both competition and cooperation. The past couple of decades, successful global businesses are always looking for commonalities with each other, learn to appreciate, respect and understand each other's differences. Because only in this way, our business in order to win-win cooperation, and face the future together. In earlier talks, entrepreneurs reached a high degree of consensus on both sides, who who we both leave, entrepreneurs must serve as an important bridge to build up mutual trust reached consensus, will become our common future!

Today misunderstood there, of course. Different cultural backgrounds, different conditions, or even different religious misunderstanding is normal. Outstanding enterprise knows, communication is the only key to resolve misunderstandings. Always positive communication, face the difficulties together, no problem is not clear.

Today's question, there are, of course. But any time there is no problem? Humans have no easy, doing business in China is not easy, in the United States to do business is also very simple. But today saw the problem, is to leave the opportunity as we are focused on the future, or is lost in the moment. I think because when the two leaders about the future of Sino-US relations than a strategic vision, have today's achievements. I will never believe that only focus on tomorrow, today's problems can be resolved.

As awareness of the Chinese economy, in addition to some myths that there are cultural differences between China and America. United States think there is downward pressure on China's economy, Chinese people do not spend. But that is not the case. Alibaba platform for consumer data shows that after this year, consumer confidence remains strong in China, the rising trend has obvious, in the context of investment and slowing exports, domestic consumption increased rather than decreased. The Americans did not understand, they didn't expect. Because Americans are good at spending tomorrow's money, spending other people's money, but the Chinese sense of crisis is the result of historical and cultural, we always spent money yesterday, take yourself to save money. Chinese people like to save money, China is among the countries with the highest savings, Chinese people save money in difficult times to be able to spend. Therefore you will find that economic hardship, but people still have money to spend. Shanghai London to be here The Sino British a

Yesterday, Mr XI said, China's nearly 300 million middle income earners, next 10-15 year to nearly 500 million middle-income. Some income is moderate, but the consumption level is elementary. There is huge potential for consumption, not only is the great driver of economic transformation in China, will bring a huge pull on the world economy.

Similarly, today talking about Chinese traditional enterprises operating pressure increases, it seems that we should see more new growth momentum than United States. Just 12 years, Alibaba network consumption can stand next to Walmart global scale, this is not how we do great, but China's huge market potential.

I believe that the development of China's huge domestic market and the rapid development of China's high-tech and new industries, is the direction of China's economic transformation and upgrading, but also the world economy to China's economic expectations. Special thought of anti-corruption and the rule of law and lay the cornerstone of openness and transparency, China's market economy development and order is more and more mature and perfected.

Dear Mr XI, fellow entrepreneurs, from teachers to entrepreneurs, 20 business experience tells me, have the entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneurs are scarce resources for economic and social development, countries are the same. Entrepreneurship needs to respect the market, creating unique value, innovation, the courage to play. Development of man is the first element. Entrepreneurs in order to solve the problems existing in the development of economy and society. Today's world economy, also called the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to unique Exchange and communication between the two entrepreneurs today, special thanks to Mr XI's attendance and attention. We believe that such positive exchanges and candid communication in good faith are necessary and important. We want to be able to exchange mechanism to normalize Sino-American entrepreneur, immobilized. Once in China, once in the United States. Especially hope the two leaders will also attend the Exchange guidance in order to further improve the bilateral trade and economic cooperation, the environment.

Finally, I would like to say that Mr XI's speech last night, I was so excited. Sino-US exchange of which 50,000 international students, this will be a landmark in the history of Sino-US relations. Dr Kissinger's remarks yesterday is impressive, with him as the representative of the friendly Sino-American friendship Messenger achievements. I believe that 100,000 foreign students in the future will be born out of the countless small Kissinger. For this reason, I think Alibaba and want to make a contribution, we plan to within the next 5 years, will give 500 United States students with Alibaba China internship opportunities, we will be giving priority to students from both to Alibaba for employment. Help Alibaba's global strategy, but also as a bridge of friendship between China and.

Thank you, Madam President, I wish success!

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