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Secrets of XI Jinping meeting at the White House ceremony Obama or Chinese

Photo Source: Xinhua

United States President Barack Obama at the White House on 25th held a ceremony to welcome United States President on a State visit to China, XI Jinping. United States welcome what is calligraphy? Xinhua international to explain it for you.


Will be paraded during the welcoming ceremony at the United States Air Force honor guard Lieutenant-Colonel Ryan • Fan Weilun told Xinhua that based on his years of experience, hosting visits of foreign leaders at the White House, welcoming ceremony procedure is very strict, not much changes.

(United States Air Force honor guard Lieutenant-Colonel Fan Weilun in an interview. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pang Xinglei photo. )

• Vice President of the White House Historical Society wax Klein described to reporters, the White House official welcoming ceremony for visiting heads of State at the White House South Lawn, follow the steps below.

Before the ceremony began, the couple waiting at the White House diplomatic reception room, after receiving visiting leaders of car the imminent arrival of the notice, out of the reception room, Concierge will be outlined: "ladies and gentlemen, United States presidential couple. "The band also played the music of the tribute to the Commander.

Usher after visiting leaders, the President will stand on the balcony with the leader, the military band played the national anthems of both countries, and fired gun salute. Visitors 21 Heads of State, head of Government on 19.

The President then stepped down from the balcony with the visiting leaders, inspected a guard of honour, and greet guests.

(File photo: United States President Barack Obama and visiting Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel reviewed an honor guard. )

After the review is completed, dressed in colonial-era uniforms of flute and drum corps performances queue, plays the tune. After the show, United States President, welcomed the visiting leaders and address the visiting leaders acknowledge. Zhihou, Commander of the honor guard will report to the two leaders, the welcoming ceremony.

Stepped down from the balcony, the two leaders entered the White House, also on the second floor balcony waving to guests. The whole ritual generally takes 30 minutes or so.

(March 15, 2012, United States President Barack Obama's wife and visiting the United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife waved after the welcoming ceremony at the White House. The Xinhua News Agency. )

[Who are]

In terms of staffing, the White House welcoming ceremony set out is the United States army honor guard of five, from land, sea and air, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard of five units. Among them, known as "the old guard" featuring army third infantry regiment of the army honor guard is the protagonist.

In addition to guard players in the occupied one-fifth, flute and drum corps dressed in 18th century uniforms and salute troops are "old guard" part.

("The old guard")

Guard of honour is a landscape, the ceremony guests was another recipe. They generally consists of staff, United States officials, the diplomatic corps, composed of journalists and invited guests. Invited guests will often include the home for visiting leaders of the national United States citizens. Invited guests can more or less, reaching tens of thousands of people the most. White House offers guests a small flag and a presidential seal to programme.

[What are the road]

Welcome ceremony at the White House a number of United States special road.

(February 11, 2014, United States President Barack Obama and visiting France President Francois hollande and shook hands with guests. Xinhua Yin Bogu photography. )

Outside of five Army guards, lined up on the South Lawn, and holding a 50 state flags United States overseas territories flags flag Depot behind the guard, for inspection. While wearing military uniforms during the colonial period of flute and drum music is the traditional music performances of the song of the Yankees. But if the visitor is a United Kingdom monarch is not performing this song.

This is what? Originally, during the war of independence, the Yankees ' song is a song, colonial troops sang the song beat the United Kingdom troops.

(Flute and drum bands) Judges prosecutors alone starts the treatment

As host, the United States also take care of the visiting leaders. In addition to invited to United States citizens will visit leaders in national origin ones, the President in his speech also tend to use each other's language is to say: "Welcome".

Waved after the end of the second floor of the White House, the two sides will go to the blue room of the White House, formal exchange of gifts. Visiting leaders signed the visitors ' book signing.

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