Monday, September 14, 2015

8-hour documentary disclosed details of the trial, Guo: don't worry red events

On September 10, Guo, Zhao Xiaolai suspected of opening casinos in East side public hearing of the Court second. 14th, CCTV broadcast the legal online column Guo Casino's trial record, about 22 minutes of the program to disclose many details of the trial:

July 2014, Guo was detained by police for suspected of gambling crimes. And just a few days ago, Guo, arrested Casino crimes to appear again as a defendant in the public eye, and another defendant to stand trial together with her Zhao Xiaolai. Whether Guo had opened casinos, prosecution and Guo Mei Mei, which confrontation, confrontations have taken place? With almost 8-hour trial, also had the answers to the questions mentioned above.

Guo Kang Naide is prior to testify about his girl friend, Kang Naide sources of income are play bonuses. She signed most of their usual sources of income are the company's revenue.

She admitted in June 2014 and July to organize and participate in gambling, co-organizer is a friend, Chen, is also a professional poker player. Guo and assistants are responsible for distributing chips, and consultations with the field well: pumping every hand to present staff 3%, approximately ten thousand or twenty thousand Yuan. Zhao Xiaolai provides brush POS machine in the game, and 1.5% for each amount. Licensed dealers of 1000 Yuan per hour. Guo stressed repeatedly, is not planned in advance, but friends said he wanted to play temporary group, were also called to a friend.

Guo organization lost bet 400,000 Zhu because no cash, they were asked to write IOU, ious to Guo Mei Mei's name is because Kang Naide thought he was a foreign identity may have no legal effect.

During the hearing, Guo Defender moved on to Guo fatigue hearing, so Guo to exclude confessions before trial. Prosecutors pointed out that, after a review of all evidence, Investigation Department for interrogation of the Guo fatigue asked activity does not exist.

Prosecutors also drew the Court's attention: she is in court on whether to ban card, whether rules of the game and other issues appeared inconsistent answers, attitude repeatedly, repeatedly answers, do not have statutory mitigating circumstances, and shall be given a heavier punishment according to law.

Final statement said Guo, knew he was wrong, because in ignorance, ignorance of the law, you do not know to play cards with friends at home can cause such serious consequences. She expressed regret about this, will not make the same mistake later, and said "I hope the law is fair, not because the Red Cross event, or outside some of the pressure of public opinion, to influence or aggravated my verdict. " 8-hour documentary disclosed details of the trial, Guo: don't worry red events imposed sentences

Final court judge pronouncing, found Guo constitute a casino crimes, sentenced to five years and fined 50,000 yuan. Zhao Xiaolai Casino committed a crime, shall be sentenced to two years and fined 20,000 yuan.

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