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1950 Zhou Zuo ren s circle of friends he is dealing with what people

Despite mixed reviews, and Zhou Zuo-ren and his modern literary great, should not be taken lightly. Rest of night, like reading later, asking when the first contact Zhi Tang article has no impression. Understanding his life, probably began to read Ni Moyan's Chinese traitors and hermits: Zhou Zuoren. Later more authoritative biography of Zhou Zuo-ren's, but only in the library. Not worth buying, it is limited space at home.

Read Om Zhou Zuo-ren Zhuan, Nineth part recorded a Zhou Zuo-ren's words: "woman Niu Qi Ganxue Ke, who is a regular guest of the window" (of the Yokohama bridge, also on June 29, 1950, signed ten mountains. Year month day source of the callout to simplify later). Next, um explains: "coffin cow Tao Kangde, Cygan, Xu Gan; Wang Gulu, and Fang Jisheng, Kang Siqun, Jin Xingyao, Shi zhe-Cun, grateful owners etc, also with Zhou's dealings more. "Here for some vague," snow window g "specifically refers to who?

For nearly a year, the author time to collect and transcribe text Tao Kangde, finishing before the liberation, and finally to the newspaper. Really had some trouble, the newspaper Finally, excited about the rest of the shapely, full of aliases. Had to first do your paperwork honestly. Apart from browsing, I would like to have been able to answer the aforementioned questions.

Zhou Zuo-ren

Cygan Xu Gan

As "Gan" the first answer. Zhong shuhe chores of Shi Jian-release of the child, before Xu Gan himself recalled, Cygan was himself, because it is a homonym. In my estimation, the harmonics from the Shaoxing dialect to read, can be worked out. However, Mr Chung said, coffin Bull "may be recitals in 1950 after his release during their stay in Shanghai, the accommodation owner You Bingqi". If this was from Xu Gan, rather surprising.

On January 26, 1949, Zhou Zuo-ren's release on bail from prison of Nanjing Tiger, due to turmoil, jinpulu does not work, then to Shanghai, and sojourned in Hongkou district, is located in the Faudri You Bingqi Garret near Yokohama bridge, returned to Beijing until August 15 of the same year, before and after the full 198 days. During their stay in Shanghai, some writer friends such as Zhou Lian and holes border to prepare, to Yokohama qiaoyou to visit once. (The Zhou Zuo-ren and Zhou Shao < light bagatela >) Jin Xingyao to when it is summer, impressive shirtless images of Zhi Tang. (Jin Xingyao of the roots) of Xu Xu's remember Jin Xingyao guest of Zhou Zuoren's eating a meal, during which he and Zhou Lian. (His "Gallery of Jin Xingyao" says)

I visited many times, was Xu Gan and Shaoxing Zhou Tong Xiang Tao Kangde. The Yokohama bridge wrote, at one point, coffin cattle and Cygan made a large tin pot filled with wine, meeting with Zhou. Woman cow with two bottles of France wine and gaotang (gaotang Tang Dalang. Eagle also reported with the name of the article: "the pseudonym of gaotang I know Mr Dairo, why Don crowns is a high-character, I don't know. "The newspaper 1950.1.14) go find Zhou Zuoren, Cygan is not. After a point, Zhou Zuo-ren's checked the diary, said early in June 1949, the previous party prior to two months. More trivial words, according to Xu Gan's friends recall that in 1949, just after the Spring Festival, was that Zhou Shi Tao Kangde whereabouts, under the guidance of Xu Tao, two's company had three Jin hua Diao, a packet of peanuts to week. Finally, and Tao Xu, Zhi Tang drink farewell. Together, the Tao Xu visited houses of two number, more than three times. Zhou Zuo-ren's live at home, meet with every day You Bingqi, two are not guests. So, Mr Bell's reporting has been significantly flawed.

Jin Xingyao, Andy painted.

Jin Xingyao was witness

In July 1949, founded two new tabloids, Le Monde is one of them. Also publication of the beginning, Zhou did not appear, to debut until November 22. After nearly four months in the making. Invited Zhou Zuo-ren's weight you "coming out", in the view of the newspaper editor in Chief Tang Dalang, is a blessing, for which he also wrote doggerel, "Dairo's world, he never wasted editing" sentence. (The send Qi Gan of Beijing, the newspaper 1950.1.9)

Xu Gan Yuan Shu is the oldest genus of the new China News Agency, formerly known as Wang, was 1944 received the Shanghai writers travel to Suzhou to host one of Zhou Zuo-ren's passing Suzhou received him a year ago. After the war, he resumed his book. Before liberation in Shanghai, Xu Gan served in the freedom Forum as news editor of the evening news, when he was approached and Deng Zhi Tang essay. Later he settled in Beijing, live in Cha BA DAO Wan Li and Zhou Zuo-ren's tenants. Neighbor Jiang shaoyuan families.

Tao Kangde in the newspaper case, Jin Xingyao introduced at the end of an article:

Several references in the essay zhean, such as the Gorilla's blood, said: "the new knowledge of an Xiang zhe brother comic Zoo. "This is Tao Kangde brother, he is fluent in English and Japanese, then was interested in zoology, and wrote several comics, take this rice beams. Also mentioned in the essay woman cattle, person, snow window names, but also refers to him, because Tang Dalang also liked his articles, so the newspaper has published. Now the newspaper has ceased publication, and Zhou Taotang has died of the essay after a meal as a new book has come out. (Of the essay after a meal, the non-Chinese dictionary of war record press, 1997)

Mr Kim is an experienced person, especially himself in the newspaper to the pseudonym "Tian Zhao" has written a lot of articles. His words deserve attention.

Woman cow, somebody is a person

"Coffin cattle" had appeared in the first issue of the newspaper (Cygan's column is also found in the first issue of the article). At first, column titled of chores in the literary world, and later into the night reading. The signature "woman cow" wrote often of figures like Xu Xu, Zou Tao-fen, Lin Yutang, is Tao Kangde colleagues and seniors; Lao She and Bing Xin, Guo Moruo, is the author of Tao Kangde editor in Chief magazines worked; 10 percent eight buttons, a lot of common themes, and Dow previously talked about. Coffin Ngau is Tao Kangde scholars raised no objection.

"Somebody" first column of the daily talk, slightly later than the coffin of cattle and Cygan. He does not live up to expectations of Chinese cigarettes (also 1949.9.18) said, "more than 10 years ago, I wrote an article called Nanyang tobacco companies because it advertised call ' Chinese China smoking ', on the one hand it's Chinese smoking to no more than half of China. "In search of a Tao Kangde commentary written by the sense of blind (1935 4th period of the cosmic wind):" I have a friend of the original love to smoke foreign, says smoke a bit ' Western style '. Guo Yan campaign recently, strong strong humming, and often in the newspaper to see Chinese tobacco warnings, China should be ashamed, turned instead to smoke in China. But every time I go to visit him a cigarette for me, always generous to say way: Chinese people should smoke in China, Yes, but the Chinese smoke cigarettes, China also used the Chinese word that is only right, but how? ", Tongues. After 1950, "somebody" column instead of the these elements, in more than 10 years ago, this editor Dow when the cosmic wind.

Lu Xun's letter dated June 8, 1934 Tao Kangde

Snow window in my hometown has hundreds of temples

"Snow" window (column name of the pseudo-romantic talk) appeared later, he said: "brother asks for a freelancer for 20 years. "(Of the reading, the newspaper 1950.1.26) said:" I know a book printed by a famous person reviewed, but celebrities have never reviewed a Word. "(The translated book, the newspaper 1950.1.27) may wish to correspond to the Tao Kangde editor experience.

Snow window and says, "I love children, but less observing time, although Dr father of six, failed to write a children's lives article. "(Of the romance, the newspaper 1950.1.29) check reading magazine in 1994, Zhou Shao in the sense of old fifth (bis), Tao Kangde had six children.

Even more crucial is that snow window says: "in my town a few hundred temples ... ... Do the lamp such as the first day play. "(Of the Bai Jia Miao, the newspaper 1950.8.22) said:" I'm the Tao Yanren, I left home young, the boss is back, accent has changed, Mane premature aging. "(Of the fruits in the mountains, the newspaper 1950.10.18) by: Tao Yanzhen, Shaoxing, hundreds of temples was found stashed away in history. Qi biaojia's diary of a Qi Zhongmin: "pick up hundreds of temples, Tao Yanzhi Niwa Han guiji Yan Chang Shi Zhu. "The thundering Yan Zhang Dai Temple": "Tao Yan Miao, Han Temple of kuaiji Prefecture. "Tao Kangde Tao Yanren; Journal of Shaoxing County, according to the introduction, during the Lantern Festival in Shaoxing, urban and rural areas Act entertainment, who has performed a number of days, ten days, known as the" 18th head play ". Lee CI-ming of the Naaman Church Diary: "Wu Xiang lighting the first few taoyan. "According to the liberation of Dow's work, including" head play "much more to see.

In short, Windows that snow is another pen name is Tao Kangde.

Ke: Xu Wen-long namesake fellow

"G"? This name first in the person of the article Rainbow the Temple of the swab (also 1949.9.4): "it is suggested that banning Hong Miao medicine sign, my friend keanjun both hands in favor. "To disclose his close relationship with Tao Kangde. Somewhat bizarre is that Ke's name is not found in the newspaper. Until January 20, 2 see Ke article. Note the day before, Xu Gan published an article in his own name and Bo married woman about the river. Since the snow window is Tao Kangde, g would be Xu Gan?

Finally turn on May 23, 1950 the newspaper, Ke has a review of the interest in Xu Wenchang. Which says, "and my namesake compatriot Xu Weiwen long. "Xu Wei was from Shaoxing, so Ke is Tao Kangde's close friend and fan XING Xu of Shaoxing in the also people, it can be concluded that is Xu Gan. After it became clear that the answer, you will find the "g" Word indication of reverse read "Gan" is quite clever.

Ke said: "my father, now 60 zero ... ... Since the beginning of the war on November 31 that year, his life's work, an electric company, was destroyed by Japan air strike, he would return to farming. "(The endless burden of rolling, the newspaper 1950.8.8) refer to the King before the age of four (the Pacific weekly, in 1944, the 99th/100) can be generally aware of Xu Gan's life: his grandfather opened in his hometown started herding, the father in the Hangzhou rickshaw company, operate more successfully. Finally, set up the company, until it was bombed by the Japanese.

Later Xu Gan

Zhou Zuoren's introduction to the journal

Zhou Zuoren's introduction of the also people, current knowledge is mainly Tao Kangde. I think Xu Gan and powerful stillness. Knowing Don's first "comeback", introduced by him. From 1950 on, the Chekiang province Jiang Younong Jiang shaoyuan, also became a newspaper writer. Xu Gan power probably has something to recommend it. In addition, children's chore poem old manuscripts is known Hall prison, took it to also report was published, also by Tao Xu, two men discuss.

Published December 9, 1949, the newspaper article of gaotang sent Cygan, said: "half a month ago, he came to see me, saying to go out and read, a few days, and sure enough, now he's manuscript, was sent from the outside. "Not difficult to extrapolate, Xu Gan in mid-November 1949 in Beijing. Shortly thereafter, Zhi Tang that appeared in the newspaper. If it is pure coincidence, so why send the poem to Xu Tang Dalang token of appreciation?

Previously, Cygan had sent Tang Dalang, criticizing another article (Note: "identical" refers to the authors writing in the newspaper. Here refers to the October 25 issue of the Lu Lihua thing. This article relates to privacy, some quite bad taste) doesn't make sense. This was Tang Dalang public (of gaotang Cygan's letter was read, the newspaper 1949.10.29), raised controversy. The send Cygan also said, not without sadness, "Cygan go, I like to go a person who take care of me", and hoping somebody replaced Cygan, supervisory responsibility. These problems, unusual, truly thought-provoking. Apparently, Xu Gan and Tao Kangde were also founded at the beginning of freelance.

Also the first issue

Why use so many pseudonyms

Generally speaking, said Zhou Zuo-ren as "coffin Niu Qi Ganxue window g", though lively, in fact just two people. Coincidentally, Zhou Zuo-ren's signature "ten mountain" by wrote children poems and addendum (also reported 1950.3.10) beginning road: "East Guo Sheng with has children poems several first, prepared supporting also reported published, copy has first to woman Niu Qigan passed a see, Qi Gong think children game part missed too more, opened a list to advocates filled, woman cattle is thought new year this season also has many thing can remember, special has fun of is see lamp play. "The article concluded:" I said to compromise ... ... "Dong Guo Sheng, ten mountains are Zhou Zuo-ren's own, how tone seems to be two people? Such examples are. If somebody of the respect and cherish the light (also 1950.2.12): "I am woman Mr bull-like, night reading, and happy selling points of short articles, particularly at hear anecdotes and so on. "But is also talking to yourself.

May week, earthen child joke on the readers. If you ask why so cunning it? Think carefully, both in the newspaper the same layout, often in a different pen name appears more than once, even when the same day published up to three short. People won't mind, when general readers know the truth, what would? Will be criticized? Interview with Mr Sutherland: United Kingdom literary

According to statistics, knows Church before and after the newspaper had used more than 10 different pseudonyms, called with the author pseudonym of the Crown. At first an article the next day (column name "day on"), later an article every day (column "essays after meals"), and more. -Is know Don writes articles addiction, because old man return to Beijing at the beginning of the pinch, the daily fee is the main source of income. If not for rice beams, what about this? Is a point of view, zhitang used four pen name the two people, also micro-hide frolicked. From this perspective, perhaps also worked out a slightly bitter taste.

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