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Huawei won its first Google real mobile phone OEM opportunities

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Google's Nexus phone OEM appears for the first time Huawei's name on the list.

On September 3, the media reported on September 29, in San Francisco, Google will unveil Nexus device. According to the message, the new Nexus phone by LG on behalf of small size version, while the larger version to the company for the first time.

Nexus is Google's own brand of consumer electronics, which is the primary Google Android operating system launched a series of smart phones, tablet computers and other digital products. Nexus series from 2010 launched by electronics enthusiasts like. Prior to that, Google chose HTC and Samsung to produce high quality products, both for their Foundry. Later, in order to highlight the value, Google had to find LG and ASUS. While the last generation of Nexus 6 is OEM by Motorola.

This is the first time Huawei access to contract opportunities for Google. To a large extent, this means that the Huawei brand began to be recognized by the Internet giant.

According to Android Police reports, Huawei's products will be 128GB storage version of the high-end phones, until then, produced by Motorola Nexus 6 largest stores only 64GB of the fuselage.

According to the latest IDC research figures show, Huawei mobile phone market share has reached fourth in the world. In the past few years, also with Europe's first Mate series and p series laid the Foundation of high-end phones, began to chase Samsung's posture, which this month released new flagship Mats s, also for the first time raised the price to more than 4000 RMB.

Communications exhibition in Barcelona, this year, HUAWEI WATCH process capabilities have also been recognized. Compared to Apple square Dial Watch, Huawei's bold use of the round dial makes more difficult. It is reported, is also HUAWEI WATCH issued before and after the Nexus series phone from Huawei's rumors began to roll out.

Huawei began to gradually gain trust in Google, Huawei's greatest significance is, does it help Huawei to open United States market.

Huawei in the United States market has been marginalized, also has been trying to find a good way to enter the market. Previously there have been rumours that subsidiaries of Huawei glory brand will soon be landing United States market. The fact is that over the years, Huawei's new flagship phone in Germany and the United Kingdom and other European countries start, but the United States does not have a lot of brand awareness in the market.

This and Google co-operation, which sales channels in North America is rich in resources, will contribute to the Huawei brand spread to the North American market. In the previous version of the Nexus 6, Google Google Play in not only the sales, while landing at major retail, as well as by AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon and other United States carriers on sale, and went on sale in 28 markets worldwide, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific market and India markets.

Huawei communication equipment business is already in the world ranking, but did not enter the United States market. Huawei CFO Mon night boat has said that United States business is in transition, on the one hand is the periodic conversion operator business, on the other hand by the United States Government's restrictive effects. The Huawei partnership with Google, will also contribute to ongoing Huawei communication technology applied to Google's Internet plan Project in the Fi. JMedia he is the real boss in Silicon Valley sells

As of press time ago, Huawei said this market "rumors" to express their views.

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