Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shi Boli was taken in for questioning, General Manager of the capital airport

Shi Boli, General Manager of the capital airport. Photo: network Shi Boli was taken in for questioning, General Manager of the capital airport civil aviation, set off a corruption storm?

The first financial daily reported on September 16, confirmed Shi Boli 14th was taken in for questioning by superior discipline inspection and supervision departments of the Office and taken away for reasons unknown. In this regard, the airport information center is responsible for the interface information, yet receive the relevant message.

Earlier, the civil aviation system has a number of managers have been taken in for questioning. On July 2, the 12th Central inspection group stationed in China's civil aviation authority, for a period of 2 months of special inspections.

In August this year, the CAA Secretary Su Hong, the Director of domestic transportation were taken "to assist in the investigation." Shi Boli in front of the departure airport, was the Director of Su Hong. Meanwhile, Shi Boli Zhizhong Zhang, Chairman of 2010 was arrested for bribery Beijing Capital International Airport to the original old subordinate.

Public information, Shi Boli in April 2014, joined the Beijing Capital International Airport company limited as General Manager on June 30, 2014, appointed as the Executive Director of Beijing Capital International Airport company limited. Worked for China's civil aviation transportation services Division, Planning Division, the Civil Aviation Administration business administration, civil aviation system reform regulatory Management Division, a former civil aviation authority Deputy Director of policy and regulation. From September 2009 to May 2012, has served as Deputy Director, Transport Division, the Director of civil aviation of China.

According to China Civil Aviation Council tube network, civil aviation Council Transport Division involved more items approval duties, including: is responsible for airport ground service institutions of license management, audit air transport enterprise between signed of about Union, and code shared, cooperation agreement and supervision implementation, on public air transport enterprise and route flights implementation business license management, audit air transport enterprise of transport business application and supervision management, is responsible for General Aviation Enterprise carried out outside general aviation business and the Special General Aviation job task of audit work,.

2009 sweeping the aviation system's anti-corruption storm has exposed problems in the civil aviation system: from civil aviation authorities to airlines, airports, air traffic control system and other sectors is a closed system, easily lead to "nest". Civil Aviation Authority hold flight time of scarce resources, as well as other vetting powers, prone to rent.

2009 civil aviation system's anti-corruption action a number of executives fell. Li peiying, Chairman of the airport Group's former General Manager, perpetrators of bribery and embezzlement, taking bribes of more than 26.61 million Yuan. By approving Russia cargo charter flights taking bribes of US $ 300,000 (about 1.91 million yuan), the civil aviation authority of the former Transport Secretary Zhang Zhizhong Lok Ma, was sentenced to 12 years, and confiscation of 200,000 yuan of personal property. Sentenced by the controlling air traffic control center director Zhang Tongguo, Division of basic industries, State development and Reform Commission, original Director of integrated Kuang Xin and the Civil Aviation Authority's North China Bureau Director Huang Dengke.

The end of 2014, Party Secretary of North China air traffic management Bureau of CAAC, China Zhao Huanguang were filed for investigation on suspicion of bribery crime and to take enforcement measures. In July, the central inspection group stationed in China's civil aviation authority, the air traffic control Assistant Secretary Andy Lau, on suspicion of a serious violation, the receiving organization survey. Before they take on air traffic control Assistant Secretary, Andy Lau also served as civil air authority the Minister of finance by the air traffic management Bureau, civil aviation Minister of Minister of finance, strategy, among other roles.

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