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Science and technology post Hewlett Packard shed 30 000 lei Huang Zhang shouted

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HP announced plans to cut 25,000 to 30,000 jobs mainly in the corporate services section

On September 16, HP announced that it would lay off 25,000-30,000 workers, to serve as part of the company's $ 2.7 billion restructuring plan. The job cuts will be focused on areas of corporate services.

HP Analyst meeting on Tuesday, the company will generate $ 2.7 billion because of activities related to the restructuring costs. HP enterprise companies (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise) CFO dimu·sitongxifu (Tim Stonesifer) said the company had already disclosed that the company's Services Division may take steps to help HP enterprise companies to save costs of around $ 2 billion. In addition, HP also consider other areas to take measures to save another 700 million dollars in costs.

Lei Huang Zhang shouted across the empty

On September 15, the Meizu founder Huang Zhang Lei founder and millet in micro-blog on "mobile phone running" topic telekinesis to fight a war.

First is Lei a questioning friends dislike running Twitter: "run mainly assess the extent of CPU/GPU/RAM performance and system optimization, although unable to complete mobile experience running, but running is mobile experience based. In this way, different grades of the processor the difference is very large, not easy pretending to be a high-end low-end processors sell for high prices. " Tiger nose Ma s new company to play a new miracle

And clearly said, "top-end mobile processors than entry (not the bottom) at least seven or eight times more expensive! Five or six kinds of commonly used to run software on the market, allows users to clear all cell phone, there's nothing wrong? "

Huang Zhang went on to direct that can't, and directly called Lei "Railing Sao": "endured days of endless Lei Linsao: will look to run smart, only the Niggaz run was silk. Meizu's dream is not the highest, but experience the best. Batteries, especially the "screen" ... These are the best suppliers. Charm-Blue Note 2 face value is good, smooth, and battery life or at least higher than the Red meter note 2 25%, experience the victory without pressure. "

Meizu grudges and millet in one or two days, charm Blue Note 2 even published a series full of dynamite ad copy directly showed that 799 machine "too rough" and "don't spend money on rubbish."

Google's $ 32.5 million investment in health care start-ups Oscar

On September 16, according to the Wall Street Journal reports that Google has invested in $ 32.5 million on medical insurance start-ups Oscar.

Oscar was founded in 2014, April just completed $ 145 million in financing, valued at $ 1.5 billion. Its main function is to allow users free phone conversation with the doctor, but also the first to provide fitness Tracker insurers to reward people exercise every day.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Oscar for companies raising capital now totals more than $ 300 million, part of the financing will be used to compensate for the loss. According to Oscar displayed to the report submitted by New York insurance regulators, the company losses totaling $ 27.5 million last year, while its 2014 revenue of $ 56.9 million.

United States Government not to grant Ali Yahoo split shares

In January of this year, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) announced that it would spin off Yahoo 15% Alibaba group stake on the hand. But the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) obviously disagree.

On September 16, the United States Internal Revenue Service expressed concern on the matter, saying its main aim is to tax avoidance. In May this year, United States internal revenue service after you flashed a red card, the market has been worried about Mayer's the deal might not be able to become a reality. United States Internal Revenue Service has notified Yahoo earlier this month, the Agency does not plan to ratify the company's tax-free spin-off of Alibaba Group's equity trading plan. If the transaction is successful, Yahoo will save 9 billion dollars in back taxes.

Cisco router attack

On September 15, Internet security experts said they discovered previously unknown direct attacks on routers, which guide traffic to bypass network devices, so that hackers can not be case of existing network security defense system to collect large amounts of data.

United States cyber security research company FireEye's computer forensics Division Mandiant9 15th, said these attacks replace a Cisco network devices used by the operating system. Cisco is the world's largest maker of routers.

Up to now, the Mandiant found 14 router is embedded software examples occurred in India, and Mexico, the Philippines and Ukraine in four countries. Cisco has issued a warning to the client, its operating system software platform may suffer from these attacks.

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